Be Aware! You Are Killing Your Erection

You are not alone, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction. The health issues columns, the search engines, the urologists' clinic, and almost every such sector has been immensely crowded by numerous individuals like you. Getting hard these days seems to has set some of the pre-requisites like those arousing medicines, eliciting oils, or many other of those 'modern' ways. What earlier meant a pleasure and fun anytime, has today lost its essence and has turned out to be a struggle for which you get prepared by invoking the hardness to your organ.

Of course, you have neither wished nor have ever expected such a situation of yourself. So who actually is the culprit? It's actually just a couple of things that you must avoid, and lack of few things that you should do.

Alcohol, the first thing you prefer in every joyful as well as bad time of your life, has always played the primary role of altering your mind. You never have an idea that this drink in the bottle, to furnish you an illusion of the momentary pleasure, is burdened with the responsibility of flushing out all those extreme ecstatic moments of your life. As a drunk interferes with the peace and decency of the people surrounding him, alike is the interference that alcohol does with the chemical messengers from his brain down to his penis.

Heart diseases, clogged arteries, diabetes hence damages to blood and nerve vessels, low testosterone level, and many more are already enlisted under the common title of obesity. Besides, as a matter of fact all these enlisted issues have a direct and immensely significant common impact on erectile dysfunction.

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Look at the soft, deflected, ash length at the tip of your lit cigarette. Do you know it entails something? It's the quality of your erection. As per one of the studies conducted in 2003, a great percentage of the cases of erectile dysfunction have been attributed to smoking. Even more alarming is another conclusion that more than twenty percent of the cases of impotence have the sole culprit, the cigarette. Cigarette smoking contributes significantly to the formation of atherosclerosis, the arteries plaque, to obstruct the blood flow. The issue worsens even more in case of penile arteries that have comparatively small diameters. So with such blocked blood flow in your penis, are you expecting a miracle of a firm erection?

Besides hardening your life, anxiety, low self esteem, depression, stress, and all other such negatives, are significantly responsible for softening your penis. So try meditations, and regular exercise for assured help.

Keep awaked for some nights, and the rest of the nights will keep you awake to look down there and get frustrated for poor erections. Lack of proper sleep, or an insufficiency in it, immensely hampers you testosterone level, hence erections.

Numerous are the causes, and so are their impacts. However, the most effective remedy for all, is a life in routine, proper sleep, early to rise, exercises, meditation and yoga, and then finally at night early to bed.


Don't try to directly indulge into lovemaking session, as your partner might not be prepared for the same. It is quite essential to comfort her, which is possible through good and open conversation. Things are quite different when you are new lovers, as you can talk about lot many things and then make love. Try to get up early and help her in preparing breakfast, as you get to talk to her at that time. Don't stop yourself from letting her know about your desires, expectations, and feelings towards her. In this way, you can make her feel more relaxed and create a passionate atmosphere all around her.

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