Invest For Terrible Risks With Penile Surgery

How about inserting an artificial material under your penile skin, or cutting down its suspensor ligaments, or grafting tissue from any body part and implanting it in the penis, or a rigid implementation replacing the erectile tissue along the whole length of your penis? Seems terribly dreadful, isn't it? Well, these might had been the most sever punishments to the most dangerous criminals of the Stone Age.

Prior to that many more of such extreme possible circumstances come to your mind, first you need to know that numerous people of the present era, with all their desire, welcome these operations to be performed on them. They even pay a huge sum for this ‘favor' on them, and in return take all the complications, risks, injuries, infections, and a pain down there for the lifetime. No you are getting it wrong, as they aren't the cases of mental complications. They are the ones, unhappy with their penis size, and have ultimately handed over their penises to the surgeons, for a bit enhancement with no guaranteed results.

Penile surgery, the most expensive, the most notorious, and the most risky of all the methods for penis enhancement, is mainly performed through four main procedures.

Tissues' graft from your leg, pelvic or belly button is taken and it is used to construct the phalloplasty of penis. One of the prime risks involved with this procedure is that the nerves sensation might not be preserved, and you will suffer with the inability to reach orgasms then on. Since lengthening of urethra is required in the process, the post operative complications have been found in more than half of the cases. A big scar that is visible enough exists in the grafted body part.

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Materials like silicone, Plexiglas or acrylic glass, or any biological tissue is inserted and implanted in your penis. Although the semi hard or hard implants are generally not removed, but the biological materials are absorbed within a year, diminishing all the treatment effects. Inability to penetrate for intercourse, deformations, scarring, or even in numerous cases shrinking of the one's penis, are few of the side effects associated with the procedure.

All along your penis length, there are natural expandable sponges like erectile tissues that get filled up with blood whenever you get an erection. In the penile prosthesis procedure, these spongers are replaced by artificial semi rigid, or rigid, or hydraulic devices. It depends on you whether you take it as an advantage or disadvantage, but with semi rigid or rigid implants to your penis it will be rigid anytime time, demanding a lot of adjustments to be made. Post operative complications are probable, and the procedure can never be reversed all through your lifetime.

The suspensory ligaments that nature has furnished in your pubic bone, to support your penis during the erections, is cut down to make your penis appear longer. So with this procedure of ligamentolysis, extremely high risks are involved, with unhealed ligaments, and hanging unsupported penis.

So with any of these procedures for penile surgery, you have all possible scopes for infections, risks, doubtful results, and most significantly a huge investment of money.

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