It's Easy To Measure Your Penis Precisely

People observing the growth in their muscles, is quite a common view in most of the gyms. They like to see the improvements, hence feel contended, and also get motivated for putting in more efforts. Alike is the case when you decide to initiate your penis exercise regime. Obviously, you would want to know the size of your organ now, and then to set up your benchmark at your desirable size.

Of the many methods to measure your penile length and girth, there are a few that can assure you of a more precise result each time.

Remember your geometry classes? Weren't the straightedge rulers probably the most precise one to measure any linear length? So why not use it for measuring your erected length too. For that you can go with either of the two ways, namely the non bone pressed and the bone pressed method.

In the non bone pressed method you need to place your ruler just above your erected penis, but with a concern that the edge of the ruler just touches your public skin. It's instructed that you shouldn't press the edge enough to touch your pubic bone, as the name of the method also signifies. Now you can look at the measurement the tip of your penis heads to.

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Another such method, but with a little difference, is the ‘bone pressed method' for measuring your penis length. Again, just place you ruler above your penis. But this time, you need to push your ruler so that it firmly presses the pubic bone. Then, you can take your measurement.

Be it any of the method you opt for, but that needs to be consistent each time. Using one method for the first time you measure your penis, and another while measuring for the second time, could provide you with different results. So you will be fooling yourself thinking that you have gained some enhancements, although you actually haven't. You also need to be concerned about your posture while measuring your organ. As if you have followed a measurement method while in a sitting posture, for the first time, the second time too you need to do it while sitting.

When it comes to measure the girth of your penis, there are again two of the most effective yet simple ways. Wrapping a measuring tape all around the penile circumference, and observing the measurement, is the first simple approach. Similarly for the other way, you can try wrapping a piece of any string, making the mark on it, and then lining it up on a straightedge ruler for the measurement.

As far as the position on your penis is concerned, for taking the circumference measurement, there are no such restrictions. You can measure the girth anywhere all along your penis, but of course that position needs to be the same every time.

So it's recommended that you take your penis measurement before beginning your penis exercise program, and then again at regular intervals. It will effectively let you tack your progress, then motivate you for continuing the effort, and let you know is there any need of alterations if there are no gains.

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