Numbing Down Your Penis With Self Pleasure Isn't A Good Idea

Of all the organs endowed to a man, one of the most sensitive of those is his penis. Even a little of the sensation is enough to make it erected. It shows it's response with complete agility. Each time it receives a sexual stimulation, it's response know no bounds, the tissues of this little 'man' get filled with blood, and it reveals it's maximum possible size.

However, the situation is not alike with everybody. Even more surprising it will be for you to know that almost eighty five percent of all men have been facing this loss in penile sensation with some degree. Minor stimulations are not responded by their organ, and hence pleasure is attained only through greater stimulations. While some men need much longer time so as to reach the climax, many find it impossible to get aroused. Even more worse are the situation where men have reported, due to reduced penile sensitivity, at times they climax without any pleasure.

An obvious question in such a context is that for what guilt of their, they have been punished so severely. First and the foremost cause for this devastating issue are the health problems of the individuals like diabetes, obesity, spinal injuries, and heart diseases. However, another leading cause that is even more prominent is frequent self stimulation that has reduced sensitivity of their penile shaft and head.

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Self pleasure or self stimulation is quite normal. Almost everybody does that, and so you need not be concerned about it, unless it's frequent. You keep on the dry rubbings, and as a result the friction causes damages to your dermal tissues. Although you may not be able to figure out the damages normally, except the mild soreness or the redden skin that generally resolves automatically. However, the actual problem occurs, when your damaged skin cells are naturally replaced with the new thicker skin that will pose a barrier between the outer skin and those nerve receptors. So obvious are the loss of penile sensation. Damage to the delicate nerve endings, on the shaft and head of your penis, through frequent sensation is yet another potential cause for numbing down your organ.

However the researchers have now up with the effective measures for the preventions of lost penile sensation. An effective idea for such individuals would be to furnish the nerves and skin of their manhood with sufficient nutrients that are required for the healing up and restoration of the damaged tissues. Moisturizing the organ, preventing the dehydration of its skin, and hence protecting it from any further damage, would be advisable. These measures will also smooth the dermal tissue and will enhance its responsiveness.

Fortunately, nature has been kind enough to furnish you with few nutrients that can be of great help in rebuilding you damaged cells, and hence restoring your normal penile sensation. Vitamins E, B5, and C, and few amino acids like L-arginine are highly efficient in restoring your damaged tissues for the regain of your manhood sensitivity. Nourishing your penile skin directly with the available penile health formulas also has potential benefits.

Do: Admit Defeat

Guys, don't merely concentrate on entering into her vagina, but ensure you do the right thing to satisfy your partner. She might take more time to get orgasm, and it is not necessary that she will get an orgasm every time you have sex with her. If you haven't satisfied her the 1st time, then it is more likely that she will not climax. There is nothing to be ashamed of, rather you can admit it. Don't ignore your partner's pleasure as she has high expectations from you. Ensure that your partner is fully satisfied, if not today then tomorrow. You can sip on a few drinks and make love to her, and ensure that she achieves orgasm, just like how you do.

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