Penile Lumps Are Not Always Harmless

You might have never seen any unusual lump on your penis. But due to diversified factors, you can get one. Besides, most of those being harmless don't require any specific treatment. As per their distinct causes and impacts, there are several kinds of penile lumps.

Sebaceous glands, as white or yellow spots on the shaft or head of one's penis, are better known as Fordyce spots. No hair follicles are present in these tiny glands that are found mostly near your skin surface. Sebaceous doesn't need any treatment as these are completely normal. In a great percentage of adults, these glands are found not only on their penis, rather also inside their lips or cheeks.

The Genial warts are generally found on the penis' shaft, but sometimes can also be seen under the foreskin or on the penile head. These bumps or fleshy growths are one of the sexually transmitted infections, which are caused by a special virus named as human papillomavirus or the HPV.

Popularly known as a ‘bent penis' is the peyronie's disease that leads to a curve in one's penis when it is completely erected. It's quite an uncommon condition in which there is developed a hard lump (plaque) or a thickened area in the penis' shaft.

Sores or ulcers on your penis can be basically of two main varieties. One type of sexually transmitted infection caused by the simplex herpes virus on your penis is a painful sore or blister. However, another sexually transmitted infection that is caused by syphilis is a painless sore.

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It's not only your penis that can be affected by Lichen Planus, rather many more areas of your body can easily be affected by this itchy rash. Although it's non infections, but the visible purple red bumps seem dangerous.

Usually in little clusters are found, the firm, small, raised spots on one's penile skin. These are the viral skin infection, called as the Molluscum Contagiosum, and are not only seen on the penis, rather on general groin areas too.

Have you ever seen flesh colored small lumps, usually on one's penis' head, which might have developed all around in the form of one or two rows? Don't worry those are neither due to any sexually transmitted disease, nor are due to bad hygiene, rather are completely normal pearly penile papules. Free from any symptoms are those and don't require any treatments.

One of the causes that can enhance your concern each time you have a lump or sore in your penis is a penile cancer. Although cases of penile cancer are quite rare, seen usually on the head of one's penis, but it's never a wise idea to avoid it.

Penile lumps generally being harmless are not given any concern by the individuals. Even it's true that this general issue, at times, get healed itself. But a penile cancer or any such greatly malignant cause can lead one to great trouble. So it's greatly advisable that such lumps should not be avoided and for that one can pay a visit to the nearest genitor urinary medicine clinic.

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