Smelly Or Sore Penis Has Many Possible Reasons

Sex can turn out to be really un-pleasing, especially for your girl, and things can mess up if your penis is sore and smelly. It's not only that you haven't been so concerned about its hygiene, so your organ has turned out to be unpleasing. But there can be one of many possible reasons for the same.

Not providing a regular proper wash to your penis is an obvious cause. It can be possible that you penile skin might have got irritation due to some reasons. Besides, this sore or smell can also be a symptom of some sexual transmitted infection or STI.

One of the usual and primary factors to make your penis unpleasing is any sort of sexual transmitted disease, among which the leading ones are Chlamydia, gonorrhea etc. If you have been feeling some pain in your testicles, or while urinating, or if there have been some white, watery or cloudy discharges from your penis tip, there are chances that you might be having Chlamydia. Besides, if there is inflammation of your penis foreskin, or there are burning sensations or pain while urinating, or if there have been a yellow, green, or white discharge from your penis tip, then probably you are suffering for yet another STI, the gonorrhea.

Keeping your penis with great hygiene is quite significant. Smegma that is found on your penis head or the glans, and under your foreskin, is an important natural lubricant that has the main function of keeping your penis moist. However, if aren't concerned about your penile hygiene, and do not wash it every day, then there are chances that this smegma might get built up. Although if that doesn't bother you yet, there are numerous more consequences it will present soon. Among those issues is a smell in your foreskin, trouble in easy movement of it, or in many cases it generally turns out as a breeding ground and a place for the nourishment of bacteria.

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Above all, one of the most malignant consequences of smegma build up is in the form of swelling, redness, and inflammation of your penis head. Popularly known as Balanitis, this situation might also occur due to psoriasis and other itchy, flaky skin conditions, thrush and other such infections, and skin irritation due to either medication, condoms or even soap.

However when it comes to sore in your penis, one of the significant reasons for it is NSU or non specific urethritis. Urethritis is the situation when there is developed an inflammation in your urethra. Although it's mainly STI that is generally responsible for urethritis, but if the cause for it is unknown, it entails you have a NSU.

Although seeking a medical advice soon, is advised whenever you experience any symptom of NSU or STI, or any unusual discharge or pain in your penis. But, you can also help yourself with few effective measures in such a situation.

Frequent washing your penis, antibiotics or antifungal creams as medications, and avoiding anything that you find is causing an irritation to your penile skin, are among those highly effective ways.

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