Smokers With Prostate Cancer Have An Upper-Hand For Death

‘Smoking Kills', the message has echoed almost every nerve of your cerebrum and cerebellum not less than a million times all these years of your lifetime. You give a damn to it and continue.

Experts said your sexual functionalities will also have to suffer a lot due to smoking. They researched, and concluded that erection of smokers suffer a loss of almost half an inch, as compared to the non smokers. They also made you look at the data that a great percentage of impotency cases come up with cigarette as the culprit. You simply said bring it on, and lighted another one.

However, the pitfalls won't come to an end. You must have always waited for as a serious issue like prostate cancer, to put an end to the number of your cigarette packs in a day. So here it is. Smoking has anything and almost everything to do with the deleterious prostate cancer.

As per the experts, smokers suffer from greater aggressive phase of prostate cancer. In a study that was done on the individuals who were diagnosed with the serious issue of prostate cancer, there were revealed surprising and notable results for the smokers.

While only a minor section of the non smokers were in the higher stages of prostate cancer that time, more than fifteen percent of the smokers had already developed its T3 stage or above. Cancer in their case had greatly influenced the surrounding organs and tissues. Smokers have sixty one percent enhanced chances of dying due to this cancer, as compared to the non smokers.

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So what actually cause this strong relevance between smoking and prostate cancer. Well for that the first and the foremost reason would be the presence of more than fifty cancer causing chemicals that are in the smoke of cigarette. All around the tumor, these chemicals facilitate the development of even new blood cells, hence accelerating the tumor growth. Tumor is now in directly access to your circulatory system, hence those easily spread to the rest of the tissues.

Enhanced level of testosterone and its abnormal level have always been alleged for prostate tumors development. Besides, there is no denying the fact that smoking abruptly enhances the testosterone levels.

However, the nature has furnished human beings with such a built up that if he genuinely realizes his mistake, and put a control to it, there is assured improvements. It's not the philosophical words, rather the data of the researchers that reveal it. Smokers, who had put a control over their habit, and became light smokers or completely quitted it, were benefited with dramatic improvements in their survival rates.

So, why do you want to go one step closer to death? You already know it will finally kill you. Cardiovascular diseases, numerous sexual issues, and then prostate cancer, aren't these enough for a halt.

Just try to quit. No doubt wonder won't happen in a day. So let it be done gradually. Give some time for meditations daily and practice yoga too. You will soon realize that you have greatly controlled you craving for that deadly smoke.

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