There's No Point In Worrying For A Torn Penis

During intercourse, all of a sudden your penis might bleed with some pain. But you haven't heard of any such bleeding from penis, alike vaginal bleeding during virginity loss. Have you? So is it something really very unusual and serious? Don't' panic, torn penis is quite a usual case, and can be easily resolved.

Frenelum is the particular skin that connects your penis to the foreskin. Its appearance has made it popularly known as ‘banjo string'. In numerous cases, people have a very tight frenelum. Although that has no point to be concerned about, unless you are having an intercourse and it gets torn.

Yes it's quite very possible that your ‘banjo string' suddenly flushes out all the pleasures you were having with your girl, and start bleeding unusually. Bleeding can be continuous and repetitive, and so might peak your harassment even more.

So what next, you can't assure yourself to sit with folded hands in such a situation. The very sudden step that is advisable in such a case of misshaping is to visit a genitourinary medicine clinic or GUM clinic in your locality.

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A tear in the penis is not that serious issue that will burden you with heavily charged treatment options. You can just calm yourself, and be patient, as there are most of the cases of penis torn where it gets healed automatically by the course of time. All you need to do for this automatic healing is keep yourself in control until it is completely healed. Here being in control, has nothing to do with your daily work, and schedule, rather it simply entails to avoid sexual activities, and providing your organ sufficient time for self healing.

Once your ‘banjo string' has repaired itself and is back in the tune, there is no further point to be concerned about. Just a minor care has to be taken that one needs to use lubricant while having intercourse. Nothing more than that is required and you can very well resume back to your pleasurable moments all over again.

However, in extreme unfortunate cases or when you avoid using lubricants, there are possibilities of your penile tear all over again in that very place. So if that is the case with you, and your organ keeps getting torn, immediate actions has to be taken. Frenuloplasty, the operation, is performed in such a case so as to ensure the problem never ever occur again. Highly effective and an ultimate way for penile tear is this operation in which your frenelum is lengthened.

Not only it diminishes the risk of your penis getting torn again, it also has an additional and even more effective benefit that is makes all your next intercourses greatly comfortable. However, the same precaution is advisable again, and this time, in case of frenuloplasty, having sex should be avoided for a minimum period of six months.

So if you ever get your penis torn, don't panic, be clam, try visiting the nearest GUM clinic, or let it get healed itself.

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