Things You Must Know About Your Penis

To flush out the wastes from your body as urine, to play a key role in reproduction, and for your attainment of pleasure, and psychological and sexual satisfaction, nature has endowed you with a remarkable, sensitive but incredible organ down there, your penis.

Unlike most of your body organs, there are no muscles or bones in your penis. All you can find there is just a cluster of spongy, soft tissues, that in completely filled with numerous nerves and blood vessels. Each time you look at those arousing views, get laid with you girl, or in any way get sexually excited, the only reason for your penis to get stiffen, enlarged and erected, is that blood flows into and fill up those vessels. When your erection is triggered through sexual stimulation, the arteries dilate to enhance the blood flow, the chambers are filled up with blood, the stiffness of your penis enhances, and these stiffer tissues compress the veins and maintain the erection.

At any time, your penis is in any of the three possible states, the flaccid, the flaccid stretched, or the erected state. When you are in your normal position, performing you routinely work, your penis is in the un-stimulated or flaccid state. However, if you pull it to the maximum distance, it's called to be in its flaccid stretched state. During those aroused times, when your penis is maximally stimulated, it is called to be in the erected state.

Shiny, highly inverted, supple, and sensitive to the clitoris in females, is the penile head or the Glans. Although it's an internal organ, however during arousal it comes out of the prepuce. Except in circumcised men, its surface has mucous membrane. Covering the gland is the portion of outer and inner skin, the prepuce. Its leading edge contains specific nerve receptors.

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All inside the penis' shaft, there are erectile tissues in three chambers, where blood gets completely filled each time you are aroused. Connecting the skin tube to the glans' ventral is the elastic tissues of frenelum. Highly sensitive is this connective tissue, during arousal, as even a light persistent flicking of it can let you experience orgasms. You must have always liked those pleasurable contractions of the prepuce skin after ejaculation, so be thankful to this frenelum that pulls that prepuce skin to the glans.

To cover the main shaft of your penis, there is a folded skin tube that protects the inner skin. It's only during arousal that this inner or pink skin is exposed. Circumcised men have half of this inner skin removed. The sebaceous glands of this pink or inner skin play the significant role that is to fight bacteria, and keeping it sensitive and soft.

However, one of the leading components of your penis that has the prime role of carrying semen and urine from your body is the urethra. This duct under the frenelum is also tagged as the male G-spot by many.

Penis, being a highly sensitive organ, of extreme significances, should be taken care of. Alcohol consumptions, smoking, drug intakes, lack of sleep, low water consumption, and many of such activities can hamper its proper functionality.

Encourage her sexual mindfulness

To hell with her shopping list, her kitty parties, and her page 3 discussions. No dude, you aren't alone. Almost every man gets such thoughts, while he has been solely focusing on having an exciting bedroom session with her.

Women, they can't help thinking about theses ‘useless' stuffs, while such prime erotic moments. That of course is one of the leading reasons why they aren't usually able to get aroused and to enjoy those moments with passion. No doubt, you too suffer a lot, due to this.

Anyways, a wise idea then would be to drag all her attentions to those moments. You can easily do this, by asking her to describe her sensations, yourself telling her all the things you think of doing to her, and in lot more ways you can think of.

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