Your Appearance And Habits Have Lots To Say About Your Sexual Health

You already know your potential. You can perform all those magic and actions, she has always desired for and would love to have in the bed. But conveying all those secrets in a moment to a girl, who has been seeking for a guy like you, is next to impossible. However, there are a few of your traits that can well express all those immense abilities of yours in seconds.

Higher libido can easily be cultivated with regular work outs, weight lifting, and all those physical exercises. Women are a strong believer of such advices of the experts, with clear reasoning that the male hormone testosterone is indispensable for a tough muscle. Besides physical well being has a great impact on the performance, and sexual health of a man. So, neither the skinny fat, nor the scrawny ones, it's only those jacked and trim ones with great muscles, biceps, and triceps who allure their choice.

Be it's the sexual realm, or the overall well being, a guy with a belly fat is considered as not preferable in either of the two aspects. Testosterones have always hated the big stomachs, hence are get broken down, and are very little in their level. However, it's the same testosterone that is significantly responsible for a healthy sperm production, necessary libido, consistent sexual agility, and fertility of a guy. Studies have revealed that waist size more than thirty for an average guy, is an aspect of concern as there occur a slowing down of metabolic rate, and testosterone by one percent every year in such men. So as obvious are the reasons that women, who have great sex life high on their priority list, will never go for a belly guy.

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Of all the subtle signs that woman generally look for ,to get an idea about your sexual health, the one that may surprise you the most is your partying style. Shocked! Yes it's a bit. You have always experienced that they love to groove with you in parties, drunken with a lit cigarette that you both share. However, when it comes to look for a sex partner, they are smart enough to go for the guys who parties smart. Smoking blocks the blood flow down there, and alcohol interferes with all the chemical messengers form the brain to the penile nerves. They know the fact very well, and so prefer the one who enjoys the party with little drinks and smoke.

First impression matters a lot. So is the case when you are being analyzed by a woman, seeking for a sexually healthy guy. Your appearance and your actions reveal many things to them. So avoid smoking and alcohol consumptions, as the illusionary pleasure furnished by these won't last long. But of course your sex life has to.

So if you already have a great build up, be thankful to your daily exercising habits, and if you are deprived of it start exercising for your physical well being, mental agility, and most significantly to reveal that you are highly sexual.

Adventure is Amazing

One of the common things you would have always seen, all around an adventurous guy, or a stunt man, is a huge chasing crowd of numerous screaming girls. They simply find such guys attractive, and love to be with those.

So is the case, inside a bedroom even. A girl tags herself fortunate, when she meets a adventurous guy in the bedroom. One, who would take all possible chances, would try all the diversified methods and techniques, to achieve and furnish his girl the real pleasure. So the only moral of the story is that, there isn't any harm to try things on the edge of your bed, rather she would simply love it, and would please you as much she can.

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