Facts Which You Need To Know About Your Penis

There have been many theories based on the penis size. According to the reports published by some of the studies is very clearly evident that the penis size has changed its size over few years. Since many years most of the articles and medical journals published a point that an average size of a penis should be 6.5 inches. This resulted in many men feeling of inadequacy who had little smaller penis than this.

After scrutiny the fact has come out that the said average size is actually based on the measurements made by the men themselves. Experts feel that the statistics based on this kind of calculation is proven to be serious flaw. Since the individuals dimensions vary and it becomes very difficult to arrive at a common figure.

The doctors and experts also suggest that most of the men do not know how measure and what parameters to be considered for the exact measurement, this will result in the error in measurement. There are many chances that men issue wrong figures in order to present themselves on top of the list. There will be many chances that some false reports may also get included in the survey, which result in unrealistic as well as unauthenticated facts and figures available for the reference.

After all these trial and error methods some of the experts and scientists came forward and formed a team of experts whose primary responsibility was to get the measurement of real men's penis size. These trained personnel actually measured the penis size and came out with a figure that was considerably shorter than what it was thought of.

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According to the reports published by the scientists the average size of penis is only 5.88 inches, which is much more less than what it was earlier said. When we say that there is a fractional change in the dimension of penis then most of the people may think does it really matter? Doctors say if you are a man then it really matters you.

It is often thought that why do men really worry about the penile size; there are many reasons for this. Even if a man has considerably bulky size, he will always be trying some or the other methods to enhance the length of his penis. There are lots of researches which show that man has always fascinated about the length of his penis. One of the main reasons for this is that there will be same size of penis when it is erect.

According to the doctors, a woman's vagina is so flexible that it can accommodate any size of penis. The sizes of vagina vary slightly between a woman, who has a baby and who has not delivered a baby. Well there are lots of different methods or products available in the market which can really help you in adding extra inches to your penis. Some of them are usage of penis enlargement pills, patches, penile stretchers, penis enhancement exercises or penile surgeries.

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