How To Identify Your Best Penis Size

There are hundreds of articles being published every day, you get number of emails on your inbox regarding effective penis enlargement. Have you ever thought why there is so much of importance given to penis size? Well, there are few facts which you need to understand and keep in your mind that there is no definite size for a penis. This means you don't have to worry about your penis size.

Most of the studies show that penis size varies from man to man. The penis size can vary both in length as well as girth. After going through many of the reports and articles you can arrive at an average size of your penis. According to the reports the average length of your penis should be about 2.5 to 4 inches in flaccid condition and about 5 to 7 inches when erect.

Generally, your penis gains extra size when it is erect. As a result of which you are not supposed to measure the penis size during the flaccid condition. It is strongly advised that you do not consider the penis size during the flaccid condition. Most of the men even do the mistake of measuring the penis size during flaccid condition. Also if you are overweight then definitely your penis looks smaller when compared to your body.

There are other atmospheric reasons which affects on the penis size, e.g. the colder weather or if you are feeling fever or if you are in anxious about some things then your penis looks smaller on a temporary basis. It is strongly suggested that if you have a smaller penis then concentrate on increasing the size. There are lots of products and methods available in the market which will surely make your penis larger and bigger.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

Since many years there some sorts of myths which say that if you have a larger and bigger penis, then only you will be able to satisfy your woman. In reality, it is not so. There are lots of other factors on which you need to concentrate on, in order deliver a satisfying performance in the bed.

Apart from the size there is one more factor which disturbs most of the men is the curved penis. According to some studies it is found that almost all men will have curved penis. Only thing that matters most is the extent of curvature. If you are having excessive bend on your penis then it is always better that you get treatment for the same, so that you will be able to perform well during the sexual intercourse.

There are many products as well as methods available in the market which will surely help you in coming out of the sex related issues. You need to get educated yourself in order to avoid the frauds. Since there is huge demand for the penis enlargement products, it is strongly advised that you consult your doctor who will save you from unforeseen frauds. You can attack the sexual ailments with all types of modern as well as herbal products.

Change the way you touch

It's ok, you touch her gracefully, and take care that she finds it loving. But again, the ‘variation' factor would excite things even here. So what if you have always stroked her hair, while kissing or smooching her, who has asked to be stuck with it?

Let you hands, and your fingers run free all over her. Remember, she is all yours. So, it would be great if you try stroking her shoulder, her neck, or even some other zones, in the meantime. Great, you are doing that, and there also isn't nay hard and fast rule that her lips in only to be kissed. How about running your finger along it? For more excitements, how about indulging your tongue too?

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