Is Your Penis Bent Abnormally?

Have you observed any sort of bend in your penis when it is erect? Well, doctors say there will be some degree of bend in everybody's penis when it is erect. If you are feeling some pain or difficulty in having sex due to this bend then you need to consult your doctor. You need to make sure that you are not suffering from the Peyronie's disease.

If you are not aware of the term Peyronie's diseases then read this article, you will be able to get clear cut idea. This will really help you understanding various kinds of factors associated with the disease and what are the remedial actions you can take in order to not to hamper your sex life. Now, let's understand what is meant by this, Peyronie's disease is basically a state of enhanced bend in your penis when it is erect.

This disease generally affects the men who are aged above 40. Studies have shown that this can affect at any age, but the most likely age is above 40 years. Number of men affected may vary from region to region. Based on the reports it's estimated that about 3 to 9 % of males are affected with this disease.

Here is list of some of the symptoms that are alarm you to take precautionary measures.

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  • You will observe a thickened area or a kind of hard lump on the shaft surface of your penis, doctors say that it is hard to observe more than one lump
  • An upward curvature in your penis when it is erect
  • You will be able to feel the pain in your penis during the erection process, however during flaccid condition you may hardly observe any pain
  • You will observe that your penis is has lost its shape
  • There will be reduction in the length or girth of your penis

Some people may get little pain in their penis during the erection process, but this gets cured over the period of time. If you continue to get the pain in your penis then it is suggested that you better consult your doctor. The pain may get aggravated and you will start feeling the severe pain as well as difficulty in insertion and during the course of sexual intercourse.

If you think that you are suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms then it is strongly advised that you start taking the treatment for the same. There are lots of verities of treatments available in the market. Doctors suggest that you really don't have to get the treatment if you feel very less pain, generally men get small pain during insertion but it gets cured over the period of time.

For those who feel excess pain there are number of non surgical methods available for treatment. Some of the methods include usage of medicines, injections of steroids etc. apart from that there are some simple surgical procedures also available which will correct the issue in your penis.

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