Understand The Vital Facts About Your Penis

There are many organs in your body which do not have direct control. You mind does not have grip over those organs. One among those organs is your penis; it does its own thing. You could have gone through many situations where in you really did not want to get an erection but all of a sudden you get an erection. When you consider other body parts such as hands and legs, they are very much under your command.

If you consider the case of penis, it is totally controlled by a nervous system which is out of your conscious control. In medical terms the nervous system is known as autonomic nervous system. This nervous system is the one which regulates your heart as well as the blood pressure of your body. As a result of this nervous system you do not have control over the erectile function of your penis.

As per the doctors' explanation, sexual arousal is not voluntary function. Your mind complicit in it, but most of the sexual arousal activities goes on in the sympathetic nervous system. You might have noticed that erections takes place whenever you receive the impulses from your brain and this happens most of the times when you are asleep. Whether you are dreaming about sex or you are thinking something else the erections takes place automatically.

There are many other reasons which also contribute in getting erections. One of them is straining to have a bowel moment causes erection. As you get the erection without your knowledge, there is same kind of situation which shrinks your penis. According to Drogo Montague, a popular urologist from the Cleveland University penis size varies from person to person when it is in flaccid condition.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

Some of the external factors which contribute towards shrinking of your penis are cold water and air; this is also a function of sympathetic nervous system. When you are under psychological stress, that condition also affects the erection function. As per the doctor, the stress will have similar affect as that of cold shower. You can easily make out the size difference of your penis when it is in flaccid condition at two scenarios. One is when you are relaxed and another when you are totally stressed out.

The doctor describes your penis as a type of barometer of the sympathetic nervous system. There have been many studies conducted in order to understand the exact relation between the flaccid and erect condition of your penis. According to the reports released from the studies it is clear that there is no consistent relation between the two.

There has been a test conducted involving about 80 members in order to understand what would be the size difference between a flaccid and erect penis. As per the reports the experts found that there was a wide range of difference between the sizes and the range was between quarter inches to 3.5 inches in length.

The experts say that if the penis does not gain significant length during the erection, it is called as show-er and the penis that gains size if called as grower.

Alternate the Thrust and Rhythm

Far beyond the size of your warrior, your stamina, and your libido, what matters more significantly in pleasing a girl is the tweak and techniques in the method you approach. There has to be variations in them, else having sex, would simply be monotonous and that would be neither good for your satisfaction or for your sex life.

By variations in the technique, the s-experts mean alternating your thrust and depth of penetrations, and that too randomly. Let not give her a chance to expect what would come inside her, the next time. You may go rhythmic with your speed, but a sudden variation in it can surpass all the excitements at once.

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