Understand Your Important Sex Organ - Penis

Like any other organ in your body the penis is considered to be the most important and vital organ. According to medical terms your penis consists of three chambers, two at the top which are known as corpora cavernosa and one at the bottom which is known as corpus spongiosum. These chambers play a vital role in all sorts of sexual activities.

The top two chambers decide the length of your penis; these two chambers are filled with spongy tissues which play important role in deciding the size of your penis. When your heart supplies sufficient volume of blood through these chambers you will achieve the erection. Volume of blood flowing through the tissues plays vital role in giving you the desired degree of erection.

During the sexual arousal, blood will be stored within these two chambers and thus provides you the harder and stronger erections. Doctors say that more than 90% of the blood will be stored within these two chambers. The main functions of the bottom chamber are during the ejaculation and urination. The bottom chamber gets activated once you are ready for the ejaculation.

When you see the construction of your penis, the three chambers are made of spongy tissues and surrounded by membrane known as tunica albugenea. The spongy tissues contain smooth muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries. There are many chemical processes takes place within your penile tissues when you get sexual arousal.

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Sexual activities can be segregated into different stages. The first stage is known as erection which begins with the mental and sensory stimulation. Whenever you feel or see something erotic there will be some sorts of messages sent from your brain to the penile tissues. These messages will be converted into the action which results in erection.

The message from your brain will travel through the nerves and finally reaches your muscles of penis. As a result of which the nerves present in the penis get relaxed and thus you will start feeling the sexual arousal. As a result of this relaxation there will be spaces created within the nerves. In order to fill the gaps your heart starts pumping in more volume of blood to the penile tissues. As a result of which you will see enlargement in your penis.

The main function of the bottom chamber is to hold the blood within the upper two chambers. As a result of which you will be able to sustain the erection. When you indulge yourself in the sexual intercourse the muscles get expanded due to the increased volume of blood flow within your penis. This clearly indicates that you need to work towards increasing the volume of blood flowing through your penile tissues.

There are many products as well as method available in the market which will help you in gaining control over the sexual activities as well as enlarging the size of your penis. It strongly advised that you need to adopt the method that adds benefits to your sex life in a natural way.

Beware of the time of month

A well planned and strategic bedroom warrior, not only makes himself aware of the effective sex tips, but he also takes well care of the psychological and physical state of his girl. Not every day of a month, a woman desires to be penetrated, neither it's easy for them to avoid having sex during few specific days of a month.

So which are those ‘preferable' days, when her desires and crave would be at the peak. For most women, it's during the middle of their menstrual cycle, and that is during the 12 to 15 of their average 28 day cycle. These are the days when she is all burnt in the flames of desires, so hit it.

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