Interesting Facts about Different Sizes of Penis

There are many myths and findings about the size of penis. Men with long feet are known to have larger sized penis, as compared to average or shorter men. In other words football players, sports personal, and athletics have larger manliness. There is another interesting rumor about the size of penis, which is based on nose. It states that longer the size of a man's nose, bigger is the size of his manhood. This on the other hand enables him to enjoy an exotic sexual life. All of these myths are not backed up by any scientific research or report.

The better a sexual life always keeps you happy and increases life spam. In the year 2002, the British Journal of Urology International published an article known as Can Shoe Size Predict Penile Length. The article well spoke about the connection between the size of penis and shoe size of a man, although it is not based on any scientific research. The research was carried out on approximately dozens of men of all ages. The researches tried to relate the height with the size of penis of different men.

Theory about the Size of Penis:

The result of this research was challenged by many experts, who had a different version to this story. There is no rule which states that a tall man with longer penis doesn't face any erection dysfunctional issue or other sex related problems. In fact the size of penis is one of the top concerns for men of all ages, and needs the best treatment. Smaller size penis is no longer a sin as it can be well treated in a similar manner as any other medical issues. Timely treatments can you from depression, anxiety, mood swing, and even obsessive compulsive disorder.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

A healthy sex is one of the secrets for leading a healthy and well balanced life. There are experts who opine that the size of the manhood is not only factor that guarantees exciting intercourse. It is the technique of love making that satisfies your partner. Men with shorter penis can have equal pleasure by trying the right act, which can excite your partner. Therefore it is recommended to concentrate a lot on the size of penis, rather adopt techniques which can excite your partner.

Treatment for Increasing the Size of Manhood:

If you are dissatisfied with the size of penis and are looking for a better technique to enjoy sex, then you can consult your sexologist. Erection dysfunction, dissatisfied sex life, and many others are some of the sex related issues. However there are certified physicians who can suggest you penis enhancement pills, which assures can naturally erect the size of your manhood. As there are innumerable sex enhancement pills available on stores, it is always wise to seek your physician's advice.

All these supplement pills increases the blood circulations into penis, which erects your penis during sexual arousal. All of these pills are scientifically tested and you will be surely happy with the result. These pills increase the quantity of blood flow into penis, thus increasing the length and width of your manhood.


No matter how courageous and strong women grow up with the changing time, they would least give up their feral instinct of being protected and possessed by his strong man. But hold on, you need to take it, the right way.

Possession, for a woman isn't about taking all her control, and ruling her, but it's about showing your love, and your fear of losing her. She would welcome your possession, only to feel protected, safe, and to realize what she means in your life. Above all, even she excepts to possess you this way, and so by being a little more concerned you may easily make her feel gratified and surrendered in the bedroom.

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