Size of Penis for Sex Performance Anxiety

It is said that Vikings, who were well known warriors, traders, and sailors were not secured with the size of their penis. One of the top most concerns of these brave warriors was their manhood. It has been a practice from ages where the size of manhood was directly related to sexual satisfaction. As per some interesting research works, it is not only the size of the penis, but other factors that needs to be considered for a happy sexual life. Along with the size of penis, men could also learn the act of love making which can sweep their partners off the floor.

Sex is a vital part of everyone's life, as it helps in keeping mind and body calm and happy. It is assumed that men with shorter penis may suffer from many sexual disorders including impotence, erection dysfunction, not content sexual life, and many others. It is not the case, as all of these facts are not related to the size of the penis. It is just a disorder, which can be easily treated as any other medical complications.

Myths about Smaller Sized Penis:

With the help of modern medical treatment techniques, you can easily treat any penis related issues. There are many reasons why the size of manhood can be smaller in size, although the fact is that they can be well treated with no side effects. Unlike some of the famous ancient stories, today the penis size doesn't determine a man's status.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

The other myths about the size of the penis are that tall men enjoy a better sexual life, than smaller or average height men. People from ancient ages have strongly believed this concept, although there is research work that totally supports the same. Today, there are many tall men who visit one of the famous sexologists, either because they are not happy with their sexual life or suffer from erection dysfunction.

Many research works carried out on Norse Icelandic, pre-Christian Scandinavia, Stone Age Norway, and Bronze Age Sweden considered the size of penis to be an important part of manhood. Men with smaller penis were considered to be inadequate or inefficient. In other words, men with smaller penis had to face social embarrassment, which brought their confidence level down.

Modern Concept of Small Sized Penis:

Today, many experts and sexologists are of the opinion that size of penis should not be a concern as there are other techniques to satisfy your partners. It is the act of love that matters a lot than the size of your manhood that should bother men. There are many surgical and non-surgical manner of treating many sexual related issues.

If you are one of those men, whose penis doesn't enlarge erect at the time of arousal, then you can certainly consult your physician who can suggest the best course of medicine or treatment. Erection not firm as earlier, micro penis, erection dysfunction, and many others are some of the sex related disorders, and it is always best to treat them on a timely manner. Penis enlargement cream, pills, exercises, and penile implants are some of the most preferred treatment.

Dirty talk

You are so wrong if you think that your and her genitals are the only sexual apparatus on your body. No, there is yet another, more sensitive, more reactive, and more automatic one, and that's everybody refer to as the brain.

The moment you hear some emotional words, it evokes emotions and blood flow all around your body parts. Similarly, when you or she, listens to some arousing or dirty words, then the brain works at its full pace, and cause sexual stimulations on your body, in no time.

So, aren't you feeling excited after knowing this? Ok, you probably will, once you would utilize this agile power of her brain to arouse her, with dirty talk.

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