Correlation Between The Penis Size And Fingers

Many of us might not be aware of the fact, but Korean scientists have proved that it is a definite correlation between penis size and the length of the index and ring finger. Many men after reading this article might not even want to look at their hands for the fear of knowing whether they have a bigger or short penis.

How the Finger Size Determines Penis Size

According to researchers, the root cause of the penis size might begin from the womb itself. When a women in pregnant, the foetus inside, might generally be exposed to high levels of testosterone that can help in the formation of limbs and the genital systems of the human body.

Depending upon the level of testosterone that the foetus has absorbed, the longer will be the ring finger which in turns determines the penis size in men. In simple and short words, based on studies conducted by experts, men with shorter ring fingers have small penis and vice versa.

The Digit Ratio

The length of the penis can also be determined with what doctors term it as digit ratio. It is also known as the 2D:4D ratio. The 2D refers to the index finger and the 4D refers to the ring finger. Studies revealed that if men whose index finger is smaller than the ring finger can have a high risk of prostate cancer and higher sperm counts.

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The digit ratio often varies for different ethnic groups. Similarly men with low 2D:4D ratios tend to have more masculine features and have a long line of female fan followers. Another study revealed that this can also be associated with increased chances of oral cancer but fewer chances at prostate cancer.

How the Research was Conducted

Many of us might be wondering on how the scientists reached to this conclusion. The main target audience for this experiment were patients who came in for urological surgeries. With their consent, Korean doctors used to measure their penis size and the size of their index and ring finger.

The measurements of the penis were taken both in the flaccid and erect state. In addition to this, the researchers also took into consideration various other factors such as the height, weight, digit ratio and age.

Results showed that there was a correlation between height and penis length and the difference between the ring and index finger on the right hand was linked to the size of the penis.

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The fine art of negotiation

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