How Age Contributes To Sperm Health In Men?

If one thought that only women face issues in regard to fertility during aging, then it is time that such people start changing their point of view. Studies have shown that age contributes a great deal when it comes to the sperm health in men. Younger men, if not suffering from other health issues have a better chance at conceiving then men who are in their late forties.

How Age Affects Sperm Count

There are many factors that contribute to the sperm health in men. Some of these factors are enlisted below:

Decrease in the Sperm Motility

Older men planning on conceiving might have a hard time trying to get their act together since the sperm that has not matured might not have the motility to reach the female eggs and penetrate them. Moreover, in order for the sperm to reach the egg, the ejaculations need to be stronger and powerful which might not be in the case of older men.

Having a sperm motility of 50% is considered normal, but can decrease to lesser than 50% during old age. Couples looking at conceiving might want to consult their doctors in order to seek guidance on how to improve upon the motility of the sperm.

Decreased Sperm Potency

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Like said earlier, for the sperm to penetrate the eggs and fertilize them, the force of the ejaculations need to be powerful. In younger men, the muscles responsible for such powerful contractions are stronger than compared to the older men. In simple words, age does affect the sperm potency in men.

How Lifestyle Can Affect the Sperm Health

Not only age, but there are variety of other factors that are responsible of poor sperm health in men. Lifestyle too places a very important role in maintaining a healthy sexual life with partners. Bad habits such as smoking excessive alcohol consumption can lead to decreased sperm count in men.

Another factor that might affect the sperm health is genetic disorders such as dwarfism, infections or mutations during birth. Thanks to innovations in the field of medicine, these can be easily rectified by surgeries or medications depending on the severity of the situation.

How to Maintain a Healthy Sperm Count

Men who prefer to lead a healthy sexual lives with their partners might want to follow the below tips.

  • Improving One's Lifestyle by staying away from smoking, drugs and alcohol
  • Maintaining an optimal weight
  • Having a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients that ensure proper blood circulation to the body
  • Having a regular routine check up to deal with health issues at an earlier stage

In conclusion we can say that age and sperm health goes hand in hand. Men might adopt different methods to improve such sexual issues and improve their chances at conceiving. This is not the end of the world. There are many products into the market that can help to overcome these issues provided they are used with care and proper guidance.

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