How Does Penile Fracture Affect Sexual Relationships

Penile fracture can be found rarely in men, but it is quite risky. If not rectified immediately it can cause sexual dysfunction thereby causing couples to drift apart in relationships. In this article we will discuss about what exactly penile fracture is, and how it can be treated.

How Does Penis Fracture Occur

Penis fracture can occur due to a variety of factors. According to specialists the penis can fracture under two situations. One by accident or other when one suffers from Peyronies disease or what is known as a bent or curved penis.

Another cause of penile fracture can be difficult positions enacted by partners during sexual activities. The penis is a very sensitive organ and one must take great care of it and be careful while indulging in different sex positions weighing in the pros and cons of such activities.

Making use of different penis enlargement methods such as penis weights can also lead to penis fracture in men. These heavy weights can damage the ligaments in the penis and even rupture the blood vessels leading to serious sexual disorders in men.

Symptoms of Penis Fracture

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Many men might not know about this issue until it is too late. One must always keep a watch out for some signs that indicate that there is some problem with the penis and it requires immediate medical attention. Some of the common symptoms of penis fracture include:

  • Bluish or black discoloration of the penis
  • Swollen penis
  • Severe pain while indulging in sexual activities with partners
  • Discomfort or pain while urinating
  • Deformation or abnormal looking penis

Risks Associated with Penis Fracture

The most common risk associated with penis fracture is the inability to enjoy sexual relationships with partners. This again might lead to depression and unexpected mood swings in men that might leave women confused and feeling dissatisfied.

In addition to this, if men ignore the signals in the initial stages, it can even cause impotence, painful erections and other sexual disorders that might disrupt healthy relationships. In such situations, it is always better to talk out such issues with partners and come out with a solution on how to tackle it. This not only helps in building the trust, but also increases the respect that they have for one another.

Treatment for Penile Fracture

Penile fracture can be corrected with surgery. Depending on the type of fracture, the doctors might prescribe the right treatment.

When the surgery is performed, the blood clot that has been formed in the penis will be removed, thereby allowing free flow of blood in the penile chambers. In addition to this, the tear that has been caused in the penis due to the fracture will be repaired along with injuries to the urethra if any.

After the treatment, patients are advised not to indulge in sexual acts until the penis is strong enough. Many men might suffer from erectile dysfunction, which can be rectified by medications prescribed by doctors.

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