Penile Cancer – Symptoms And Treatment

Penis cancer is very rare in US, and only one percent of the men suffer each year. The cancer of the penis tends to grow slowly day by day. The penile cancer is seen greatly in the countries where the circumcision of penis is not as general as the US and Europe. Circumcision can reduce the risk of penile cancer at great extent.

Symptoms of Penile Cancer

The tumor mainly develops over the tip of penis and under the foreskin. It starts as a small bulge or ulcer over the penis, as a lump, or a parched and crusty area. The tumor is painless in the early stages of development.

The utmost hindrance to early healing is the delay for getting the medical attention. The majority of men tend to hesitate to talk about any penile problems with their family doctors. They feel it hard to confer atypical findings about their genitals. This article is all about the symptoms and treatment of penile cancer which would hopefully help you to identify your penile changes in the early stages and cure it efficiently.

The symptoms of penile cancer involve:

  • The growth of wart-like lump or wound
  • A lump or swelling which can freely move
  • Continuous pains when lump grows completely
  • Bleeding with pains in severe conditions

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Treatment of Penile Cancer

The treatment of penis cancer relies on the size, stage, invasiveness and the location of the tumor. The surgery is an effective and widely used form of penile cancer treatment. However, before enduring with any surgical treatment, get the second option always.

In case if the tiny exterior primary lesions, the laser light treatment could be much more helpful. Additionally, using the cream that contains chemotherapy drug and radiation therapy can also be used to wipe out the tumor. These therapies are the best alternatives for surgical treatment.

The surgery is held only in the severe conditions. The small part of the penis removed in the surgery, which is also termed as penectomy. Generally, it is not performed unless and until it is extremely required. Chemotherapy is frequently used together with surgery.

The partial penectomy is a common and frequently used method of treatment. The tumor is detached with an edge of ordinary tissue. Sparing the shaft and glans is the top most concern of the surgeon so as to preserve the sexual and urinary functions.

In the total penectomy process, the entire penis is removed if the large tumor is developed. The urethra is rerouted at the back of testicles and urethrostomy for safe urination. The surgery of penile reconstruction includes using the skin of forearm or buttocks to form a new penile. However, this kind of surgery is possible in few cases only.

This is something that you should consult with your doctor because every case is unique and different. It is very hard and crucial to discover penile tumors in the beginning and seek instant medical treatment for any anomaly changes of on the male organ. You need to consult with renowned urologist with whom you can talk freely. This type of disease can be psychologically disturbing. Using condoms and keeping your penile clean and hygienic helps you greatly to prevent the penile issues.

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