Penile Circumcision – Do You Really Need To Circumcise Or Not?

Are you a bit anxious about circumcising your penis? Most of the men assume that circumcision could offer them best sexual experience, and make their women glad. Many surveys and researches have been made on this topic, and now it has been stated that there is 50-50 chance that a woman would like a circumcised penis or the uncircumcised one. All the votes of women are equally split. So, if you think that circumcising your penis could help you impress your partner, you are not 100% right here. This article will explain few pros and cons about having a circumcised manhood:


  • The foreskin of the penis is removed in the circumcision process, so the unwanted elements like urine, dirt, and semen or whatever can't be trapped there. It facilitates you if your woman prefers a clean and clear penis top for hygienic reasons. According to studies, women prefer circumcised penis due to its cleanliness, and more appealing look. Such women tend to enjoy their sexual encounter in more superior manner and ultimately give you a sensual bliss.
  • Some of the girls like circumcised penis just because they look sexier.
  • The circumcised penis is more responsive to the touch, and hence it is quite more pleasing for both you and your partner.
  • The head of penis is covered with several sensitive nerve cells, which make you more "sex-citing" in circumcised condition.
  • One better thing about the circumcised penis is that it fits tidily in condoms. It can hold up your security more tightly during wild thrusts, making your sexual event more secure.

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  • Circumcising the penile is not a natural way, if you are willing to enjoy hot events.
  • The survey says that a number of woman prefer uncircumcised penis. They actually enjoy the touch of extra skin lay, especially in the foreplay. Uncircumcised penis creates more vibration boosting your woman's mood.
  • Most of the women love to play with the foreskin, which is another beneficial thing. Circumcised penises create quite more thrust, and tend to stroke hardly. A minute rubbing is good, but extra thrust could be pretty aching. The uncut manhood can create just a right amount of rubbing and a few women actually love way that the skin goes back and forth in foreplay.
  • The circumcised penile hurts in lovemaking as there is nothing to protect it as that of the foreskin.

Well, it all depends upon your personal choice and thinking. You could see many other advantages and drawbacks of having a circumcised penile but at last, it's all up to your partner and you.

Apart from the religious reasons and theories, a circumcising your penis helps you keep it easier and cleaner to maintain. On the other hand, it could become too much sensitive and could hurt often. So, research more about ways of circumcising the penis, and try to go in natural way unless it is necessary.

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