Can Your Strong Desires For A Bigger Penis Turn Out To Be Fatal?

Is obsession fatal? Yes it is. It can desecrate the mindset of a perfectly normal person and push him or her to the edge. In the age of information and misinformation this can happen in a huge domino effect. Bad news has an excellent mode of communication and it can sometimes travel as fast as a light.

Any obsession taken to a psychotic level can be fatal. The obsession that has struck the male population is the quest for the “ultimate penis size”. Ask any man what he would want to have in his bed? He will instantly answer “a big penis”. This affliction has affected almost the entire population of men. They obsess, they debate and they discuss their size whenever they get an opportunity.

What most men do not realize is the facts that size or rather the length of the penis are hardly a concern for the women. They are more concerned about other nuances of the men-their sensitivity, their caring nature and most importantly their confidence in bed.

Why are men obsessed?

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The answer is very simple and can be found even in caves of the early men. They are genetically imbibed in that way. Unlike the modern metrosexual man of today, early man had only two main motives: to get food and to get a mate. He was a hunter. He searched for a prey that would quell his primal hunger in both the stomach and down below. He is constantly on a look out for food and women. Men's promiscuity is common ever since time immemorial. But what scared him was the prospect of losing his partner to better endowed males. So, this is where it all began-Neanderthal Man's obsession with size.

There is even a wall fresco discovered in Pompeii which had a rather weird picture of a man with a very long member. This problem is so deep rooted in the society today that it is impossible to actually remove it completely.


Obsession and constantly undermining yourself has led to a freight of problems for the men. They are a bundle of insecurities and are often depressed with their size. This in turn cascades itself into another set of bigger problems which is underperformance in bed. The main problem lies here. Even though men assume that size does matter, a majority of women admit that this is just a false notion!

To clarify this, let us know some facts about the female anatomy. The size which is sufficient to satisfy a woman is 2.5 inches! Juts that small? Yes. This is exactly how much she needs till she climaxes. The fact is very less known and most men fail to realize that this is where the problem actually lies: ignorance!

A woman can climax in two ways: Stimulation of the clitoris and the g-spot. Clitoral stimulation does not even need penetration as it is the outermost organ in the vagina. G-spot stimulation is easy because it is just located 2 inches inside the opening. So men needn't worry at all. What is important is confidence and love for his partner. Once these falls into place, it will all be a smooth journey to bliss.

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