Easy Penis Measurement Ways For Men For The Accurate Penis Size

Measurement of penis size requires erection of the penis. The proper position of the penis is extremely important. The following ways are helpful in measuring the size of the penis:

  • Measurement of length- When the penis has attained full erection, it should be brought to a straight angle with the body. This is done by putting it down. The measurement should be done from the top of the penis to the base. There have however been certain arguments on the use of the ruler in the process. People have argued that whether it should be held loosely against the skin or pressed against the pubic bone. The most effective way of using the ruler is to hold it against the body without the application of any downward force.
  • Measurement of penis girth- In order to measure the circumference or girth of the penis, the thickest portion of the shaft is measured. This is also done when the penis is attained full erection. Various surveys and studies have shown that men should measure the widest penis part along the length. This measurement may also include the head. This step requires a measuring tape or a piece of string. The string should be wrapped once around the thickest portion of the penis. The point where the string meets should be marked. The distance is then measured by a ruler.

All the above steps will reveal the size of the penis. This size can then be compared with the average size. In many conditions, the standard of an average penis size is already established. This standard is 5.5 to 6.3 inches in length and 4.5 to 5.1 inches in circumference. The average width of a penis is about 1.4 to 1.6 inches. If men's penis size is complying with these measurements, a standard condom size should be used. This would give a very correct and easy fit. Men should be careful that a condom should completely cover the penis.

The steps to measure the penis size is very beneficial for men. These steps would reveal the condom size required during the intercourse. It is however recommended that these steps are repeated. This is because various factors like stress, sexual activities and fatigue affect the size of the penis. The ease and convenience involved in these measurement steps proves very effective and accurate.

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