Help Your Woman Get The Ultimate Climax!

Female orgasm is one of those unknown territories which haven't been explored by men much. This is because female orgasm is a very elusive problem. Most men are often oblivious to the existence of female orgasm and as such miss it by miles. Men achieve orgasm very easily and as such they often ignore the fact that their partner hasn't achieved it yet.

According to the research conducted by Alfred Kinsey in the year 1953 in his reports Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, it was proved that women do not have much touch sensitive tissues and nerves in the vagina. The clitoris however, has a lot of sensitive nerves and hence, many women can achieve orgasm with the help of clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulation does not necessarily require penetration and can be experienced also with the help of finger stimulations.

Even though the vagina is non-responsive to touch to a large extent, climax can only be reached by deep tissue pressure. Hence, it can be said that a longer and thicker penis can work wonders in helping you woman climax.

There are many advantages of a thicker and longer penis. Some of them can be outlined below:

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  • A long enough penis can help to reach the back wall of the vagina and help in reaching epicenter orgasm.
  • Since, the uterus is situated a little bit deep inside the vagina, a longer penis can help stimulate the uterine wall and also achieve an orgasm.
  • The vagina responds well to deep tissue pressure, a longer and thicker penis can help to have more friction along the walls and thus help achieve a better orgasm.
  • Heavy thrusting is also a phenomenal orgasm giver and as such the presence of a wider and thicker penis prevents slipping of the organ during intercourse.
  • It also facilitates a wider number of love positions.

Scientist from the University of California and Berkley has also proven that the minimum size of a penis to satisfy a woman is a mere 2.5 inches and hence a longer penis is not necessarily important to help a woman achieve climax.

A woman has a certain level up to which she can endure the assault of a bigger and thicker penis. The size of every vagina is different and only a certain size is enough to satisfy her. A smaller size can leave her unsatisfied and a bigger size can leave her thrashing in pain. So men should not always envisage for a bigger size and should actually look for a size that would satisfy her unconditionally.

In addition to the size of the penis, there are also other factors which need to be considered if you want to satisfy your partner. These include: Sensual Massages, foreplays and loving touches and caresses. Sex is not only about mere mechanical thrusting. A loving partner is considerate and responds to his partner's needs. For helping a woman achieve the ultimate orgasm of her life, you need to be open and let go of all inhibitions.

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