How To Achieve Exciting Stimulation By A Thicker Penis?

The ongoing discussion on whether the size of a man's penis matters or not is the most debated question of all times. While some agree that the bigger the penis, more are the sensations and better is the orgasm, while others believe that even a normal sized penis can help achieve the necessary sensations and orgasms.

It is important to know that the vagina can be stimulated by a number of ways, but not all of them need a penetration. For example, during the stimulation of the clitoris which is the outermost organ of the female body can also be done by fingers. A deep, concentrated application of pressure in that area is enough to help a woman climax. However for other routines like epicenter climax or stimulation of the g Spot, penetration of the penis is necessary.

According to the studies conducted by the scientist Alfred Kinsey in 1953, he found out that a larger penis is not necessarily an indicator of a good climax giver. A penis with a thicker width is actually imperative and provides greater tissue pressure and helps in achieving a spectacular orgasm. Dilation of the vagina is also caused to a large extent by a penis with a wider girth.

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A wider girth penis helps in increasing the pressure as well as the friction in the vaginal walls and hence helps in achieving climax at a much faster rate. Even though the clitoris is an outer organ, a wider penis causes friction in the clitoris too. Blended orgasms which are a combination of the three different types of orgasms in a woman: Clitoral, G Spot and Epicenter are much easier to achieve if the partner is aware of the needs of the woman, the fine nuances of the woman's organs and of course has a thicker penis.

Sometimes a bigger penis cannot be the ultimate Holy Grail for female orgasm. Every woman's vagina has a different size. It cannot always accommodate a big member. There is a particular size up to which the woman is satisfied. If it is bigger than that size, the woman will either feel a striking pain or she would lose all sensations, thus defeating the purpose of the intercourse.

A smaller penis on the other hand can be devoid of the sensations and a woman might not feel anything close to even a single orgasm. Thus, the size of the penis is actually a vital point when it comes to sex and lovemaking.

In order to help a woman orgasm faster and better, no doubt a right sized penis is necessary, but both the partners also need to be free of inhibitions, and need to mirror each other's feelings. They need to be responsive of the fleeting touches and caresses. The mood as well as the ambience plays an important role in helping both the partners experience the ultimate orgasm. In addition, sensual massages, aromatic ambience as well as a good foreplay session can be useful for the ultimate climax.

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