Knowledge On Average Penis Size - A Significant Thing For Men Worldwide

The importance of the reproductive organs in humans is not unknown. There have always been issues relating to the health of the reproductive organs. This issue has equally affected both males and females. When there is a discussion on the reproductive organ of males, the penis size is something which should be given due importance. Forgetting the health issues relating to the male reproductive organ, men should firstly have knowledge of an average penis size. Such knowledge on penis sizes is very important for many reasons. One such reason is getting the right protection for sexual intercourse. However this knowledge is relevant only for the personal satisfaction of men. Women don't really bother much about penis sizes.

Various researches and surveys have revealed different standards of average penis sizes. When a men's penis complies with such a standard, it is considered perfect. Illuminating examples of four studies can be given which have proved beneficial for men. They are as follows:

  • Kinsey Sex Institute Study- This survey approached about 3500 college males which revealed an average measure of penis. According to this study, the average length of the penis should be around 6 inches which is 15.2 centimetres. The girth of the penis should be about 5 inches which is about 12.7 centimetres.
  • Richard Edwards' Penis Size Survey- This study considered about 3000 males and revealed a standard. This standard of penis size is 6.3 inches which is 16 centimetres in length. The girth should be about 5.1 inches which is 13 centimetres.
  • Durex Study- This survey involved around 3000 males. According to this study the penis's length should averagely measure 6.4 inches which is 16.3 centimetres. The girth of the penis should be about 5.2 inches which is 13.3 inches.
  • Lifestyle Condom Company Study- This survey considered about 300 college students. The study revealed that the average length should be about 5.9 inches which is 15 centimetres. The average girth of the penis is about 5 inches which is 12.7 centimetres.

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Various researches and studies have established different standards. However the most perfect size is the one which would satisfy the partner in the best way. A woman even though not very much bothered about penis sizes desires satisfaction and pleasure. Having a perfect penis size would lead to a better sexual relationship. For women, men's penis comes under the following categories:

  • Perfect or ideal
  • Extremely satisfying but not very ideal
  • Just satisfying
  • Quite enjoyable
  • Not satisfying at all

If men do not have a good size, there may be a lack of self-confidence. This may have psychological impact on males even though the partners do not speak about it. There are however various measures which men can adopt to attain the perfect size. However before that there are easy ways to measure the size and compare with the average size. If the size matches the standard, a lot of worries of men are reduced. They can easily go ahead with their sexual relationships.

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