Million Dollar Question: Does Size Matter?

A question that has raised debates in every part of the world is a serious and debilitating one for a man's ego. A man believes his penis to be one of the most important organs in his body and issues concerning its size may even put the man's ego in a serious jeopardy. So much so that many of them even suffer from severe bouts of depression if ever insulted about the size of his organ. The question still remains, does size matter or not? After years of comparisons to the SUPER BIG one, the men have not at all reached at the same conclusion.

Many women may argue that it does while others might be divided on this opinion. For those who believe size doesn't matter, here's a thing: would a small penis, say as small as your little finger ever satisfy you? I think the answer can be very well expected. It cannot, obviously! A woman can reach an orgasm if and only if her clitoris is stimulated in a certain way or if her G Spot is excited in a way too. Clitoral stimulation is not that difficult, but to reach the g-spot at least the penis should be big enough. The G Spot is actually situated a little inside the vagina and can be reached only by penetrating a little bit inside. In conclusion you can say that the size of the penis does matter.

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For those who believe that the size is the ultimate gospel truth, this is actually a wrong notion. Bigger is not always better. True that a certain size is needed to satisfy a woman, but bigger one can actually be much painful if the vagina cannot accommodate me. The vagina has a certain size. When the penis penetrates a vagina, little by little the length and girth of the vagina expands and it becomes pleasurable for the woman. Up till a certain point, the woman might feel pleasured and aroused, as soon as it reaches the threshold level of the woman. It soon culminates into a painful experience. Thus, in conclusion a bigger penis can turn up to be a painful liability instead of a pleasure tool.

There are also many other things which need to be considered during intercourse. Size is not always the prima facie for good sex. You should also concentrate on the fine nuances like that of foreplay and being sensitive to the touches and responding in the same way. A good technique can be compensated for an inadequate penis if the need arises. If you are not comfortable with your size, there are some means by which you can increase the size of the organ. There are enhancement supplements, exercises and even surgeries. For those who have no time to persistently go through the process of exercises and pills, he can easily go for surgery. The downside of having a surgery is in fact it can often be botched up which might be a lifelong liablilty.

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