Penis Length And Girth - Is Size The Gospel Truth?

“Bigger is better”. This adage has a crucial role to play in the male populations' life. Men are very touchy and sensitive about their size because most of them “wrongly” believe that it is actually the measure of their masculinity. In this regard, women are better off because they are more open to their sexual anatomies as well as their sexual lives. Men are genetically imbibed not to speak much and therefore like to keep their anatomies wrapped in a shroud. They suffer in silence.

There is an increasing incidence of what is commonly known as “the small penis syndrome”. The victims in reality might be very well endowed, but they feel otherwise. This negativity brings about changes in their conjugal life. The dissatisfaction does not remain in the confines of the bedroom and actually spreads to every sphere-work, leisure, entertainment etc. It is a major issue for depression too.

What fueled this debate of size?

The new age dawned with the advent of Internet- The information about all things unknown. No doubt the internet has led to a great era of fast information dispatch, but there are some crippling cons as well. Since the internet is an easy source to propagate information, almost every Tom, Dick and Harry can express himself here. Blogs have now become portals of mass conversation and sometimes mass genocide of common sense.

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While some of them may educate and inform, others totally defeat the purpose of internet. They fuel rumors and also give out wrong information to a very large extent. People who are worried about the “size of their organs” are often the victims of such misinformation. As a result their mind set id often deteriorated by these facts. Anxiety and disillusion and disappointment take over prevailing common sense. Thus, there is a need to steer clear of such shady sites which give information not based on facts, but on common myths

What can be done?

The solution to this ever escalating problem of misinformation is -reading a good website. As simple as that! There is no dearth of good websites in the internet which provide authentic and informative knowledge. You should always check for the credibility of these websites because only then would you know whether it would be a good source or not. Credible websites would give the reader a clear sense of what is right and what is false.

What you should know.

First and foremost ignorance is not bliss, but dangerous. You can end up damaging your confidence to such a level that it never comes back. Thus, read good websites on health and information. It is also vital to know that it is not the size that matters. A woman can climax by just 2.5 inches of penetration! This is just even half the size of a normal penis! Most men are better endowed than this. Thus, their problem is solved! They do not need to crib about their size and be satisfied by what god has endowed them with. This knowledge would be possible to know only if you read about the woman anatomy and good websites.

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