Penis Size - Is Bigger The Better?

Most men suffer today from what is known as the “Small-penis syndrome”. Victims of this syndrome often complain to be genetically robbed! They believe their size of the organ is small and would not satisfy their partners. Actual victims are those who suffer from another ailment which is known as the ‘Micropenis”. What most men fail to realize is the fact that it is not the length but the size or the width of the penis that makes all the difference. Their negative attitude on the beds disappoints not only himself but also his partner to a large extent. Many a time, this is often the reason for a dismal conjugal life.

According to Kevan R. Wylie, urologists at hospital named Royal Hallemshire as well as Ian Eardley of St. James in Leeds, on size of a penis in the urology's June issue of the who reviewed the surveys on size of the penis in the June subscription of the BJU International urology journal, more than 85% of the women are actually very pleased with their spouse's penis proportions. The men themselves are wrong in their assumptions and prove to be a bane in their relationships.

Women's opinions are several times ignored; however, it would be good to know that length of the penis is not the prime factor to help a woman climax. Most people are oblivious to the anatomy of the vagina and confuse the length of the penis to be a vital in helping a woman orgasm. It is in fact the girth which can help make all the difference.

How Does Penis Girth make a difference?

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There are two main ways which can help a woman climax. These are:

  1. Stimulating the Clitoris
  2. Stimulating the G-spot

Stimulating the clitoris does not necessarily require a long penis. The clitoris is almost an external organ of the vagina and is riddled with zillions of nerve endings. This makes it very sensitive to touch and it can be stimulated by fingers as well. Fleeting touches and general stimulation of the clitoris is enough to make a woman orgasm.

The second way which is by stimulating a g-spot also does not require a longer penis. The g-spot is just two inches inside the vagina and even though long penises might visually appeal, it is actually the girth that would help the stimulation. Hence, it is concluded by experts that just about 2.5 inches is enough to satisfy the woman if the person knows the tricks of the trade.

The main principle behind orgasm is the fact that a penis with a greater girth is far more important because it is actually the stretching of the nerves in the vaginal wall that causes an orgasm. Thus, girth is important.

The girth of a penis can be increased in a lot of ways. There are exercises, pills and supplements which help in enlarging the organ. For extreme cases, where time is of the essence, people prefer to go for surgery too. Basically if exercises and supplements are taken in balance, they can help to increase the girth of the penis considerably.

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