The Mystery Territory - Female Orgasm

Years ago, female orgasm didn't exist as such. The Victorian Age women never had a chance to explore their sexuality. They were never given a chance to even know that there existed a territory of female orgasm which can be a pleasurable zone for their lack luster lives. The very basis of this was made into a movie which was a rage in the world. The movie called “Hysteria” depicted how a very intelligent doctor helped the women overcome their “Hysteria” when they first invented the vibrator.

Men have been known to pass by it in a flurry of activities but miss it by a mile. As such, many women complain of unsatisfied sex lives. Since, most men climax easily, woman orgasms are ignored beyond their existence.

There are actually a lot of fine things to keep in mind when wanting to orgasm together with their partner. Since, women orgasms are hard to understand, that is why some things need to be kept in mind. Understanding of the Female Orgasm and Female organs is needed to help your partner orgasm.

First and foremost, a female orgasm can be reached in four different ways:

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  • Stimulation of the G Spot: For many years, scientists have regarded the G Spot as a myth. Its existence was unknown. But recent researched have shown that the G Spot DOES exist and men have missed it by miles always. G Spot can only be stimulated by vaginal penetration. It generally stars as muscular contractions with breathlessness and finally culminating into a breathtaking orgasm.
  • Clitoral Stimulation: The clitoris is the outermost organ in the vagina. It is the easiest to stimulate and can be done without penetration also. For stimulating the clitoris, applying constant pressure can easily help the woman climax.
  • Orgasm of the Epicenter: The epicenter is also known as the Orgasmic Pacemaker and this kind of orgasm can be reached by heavy contractions of the uterine wall. This kind of orgasm is usually the best for the woman and it leaves a deep sense of satisfaction in her.
  • Combinational Orgasm: This is also known as a blended orgasm and can be the most rewarding for both the partners. In this orgasm, the woman experiences a combination of all the above mentioned orgasms and hence can be regarded as the pinnacle of female orgasm.

A single orgasm or multiple orgasms, both are preferred by a woman. Considering the fact that all women are not fortunate enough to achieve even one of them, it becomes imperative for the partner to take certain steps which would ensure a sure shot orgasm.

About half of the women often do not reach a climax by penetration. Other means like insertion of the fingers can also be a pleasurable experience for the woman. Besides that, there massages or foreplay can also be enjoyable and can make the woman reach her orgasm easily. However the most important thing to keep in mind is to have an open mind and remove all inhibitions.

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