Understanding The Obsession For Big Boobs And Big Dicks

The omnipresent debate is why men and women obsess over size. While women are deemed to be especially biased over a Big Member, it is believed that men on the other hand revel for bigger mammary glands. The crux of the problem is very deep rotted because this misinformation has been circulating among people ever since time immemorial.

No doubt there is a certain charm for all things bigger, but when it comes down to laying the basic rules, it is totally non-scientific. Physically or physiologically speaking there is no concrete evidence that a bigger organ can help perform better or can be an added bonus. Of course men love the fact that bigger breasts are better than their skinny counterparts, but actually men are attracted by the term “boobs” and to them bigger are always better.


  • Bigger mammary glands are a sign of fertility or now-a-days in this silicon age, the result of boob job is often confused with naturally endowed women.
  • Men believe it aids the sexual activities as it is visually very appealing.

Women on the other hand are “believed” to go for bigger organs because of the following similar reasons:

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  • Bigger members are sure shot signs of masculinity.
  • They signify that bigger sizes are better performers.

This is however not entirely true because women are generally more aware of their bodies. Their anatomy is actually an ambiguous territory for men. They often do not realize that the size which is just sufficient to satisfy a woman is 2.5 inches only! This is just half the size of a normal penis. A woman can climax in two different ways:

  • Clitoral Stimulation: This can be done by penetration as well as other means. It is the outermost organ of the vagina and is full of nerve endings. It can be excited in an instant and sometimes does not even need any kind of penetration
  • Stimulation of the g-spot: The g-spot is just located about 2 inches inside the vagina. As said before, there is no need for full penetration. A woman can climax easily by just partial penetration of the penis.

These are facts which are commonly ignored by men. Most men do not realize that the amount of information that is available on the internet is not actually credible and there are instances where misinformation has proved to be fatal.

General preference to bigger size is usually because of the visual appeal. Scientifically there are no proven facts that this is a sign of fertility. Quelled by the amount of wrong information on the internet, men and women both have fared badly in their beds.

Depression, anxiety and low levels of confidence play a big role in performances in the bedroom. There are increasing numbers of divorces not because of the size but because of the failure to perform in the bedroom. The only solution to this problem is awareness and collecting knowledge from a credible source. The internet cannot always be trusted and it is always advisable to cross check before believing that information to be the Gospel Truth.

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