Five Phases Of Penis Development

The growth of sex organs and development of the penis are described below in five phases.

Phase 1: Childhood

Before puberty begins your sex organs does not display any alterations during childhood. The rest of the body grows but your testicles; penis and scrotum develop a little but not much. The growth in the genitals is extremely slow. Usually the size of the testicles is not more than 3 ml and there is no pubic hair still. Usually, pubic hair in boys does not develop until they reach phase 2 or later.

Phase 2: Development of Scrotum and Testicles

This phase is the commencement of teenage years. A boy approaches this phase 2, when his scrotum and testicles start to expand. These sex organs increase slowly during childhood. When puberty strikes, they start developing rapidly. If your testicles measure 4ml or more in size then you have almost certainly reached phase 2 that is on the thresh-hold of puberty.

In this phase the penis does not enlarge much. The major change is in scrotum and testicles. As the testicles enlarge and simultaneously the scrotum gets elongated. The scrotum and testicles hang lower. Scrotum skin gets loose and thin. It appears more baggy and crumpled. The testicles do not load the scrotal sac. The color of the scrotum skin changes turning to a redder tint.

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Several boys grow their initial pubic hair in this phase. Phase 2 is reached by boys, when they are 10 to 12 years old. This phase lasts for an average of one year.

Phase 3: Length of the penis develops

Phase 3 is recognized, when penis begins to develop in length. It does not get wider in this phase. The major change is only noticed in penis length. The scrotum and penis skin persists to intensify its color. The testicles and scrotum also keeps on developing in this phase.

If pubic hair hasn't grown in the phase 2, your first pubic hair will be noticed in this phase. If you have pubic hair by now, it will start getting curlier and darker in this juncture. The age reached by boys in this phase is often 12 and 13. The average period of this stage is from 4 months to one year.

Phase 4: Penis grows in width

In this stage the penis glans gets more developed. The main changes are noticed in the thickness along with the continual growth of penis length. The testicles persist to develop and scrotum hangs lower. The skin of penis and scrotum also goes on to get deeper in color. Several boys grow pubic hair in this phase. The average age of boys is 13 to 14 during this phase. This stage generally lasts from 6 months to 2 years.

Phase 5: Maturity period

In this final maturity phase, the testicles are developed completely. Their length is 1 ¾” and size is between 14 ml and 27 ml. The scrotum and penis is also completely developed with a deep colored skin. This phase is reached by boys, when they reach 14 to 16 years.

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