Getting Aware With Several Penis Facts

  • Average penis length, when it is erect measures between 5.2” to 6.4”.
  • Normal penis length in a flaccid state is 3.5”.
  • A healthy male gets an average of 11 erections in a day. Nine erections, when he is asleep.
  • Two teaspoon of cum is released per orgasm.
  • In a man's life, he can cum more than 7,000 times.
  • Each eruption rushes with a speed of about 28MPH.
  • A teaspoonful of cum contains roughly 7 calories.
  • An average flaccid penis can increase up to 300% in volume on erection.
  • An erect penis contains over 8 to 10 times its regular amount of blood.
  • After every gain of 35 pounds and more, his penis appears one inch smaller.
  • An average black male's dick measures 6.3”.
  • Penile blood flow is increased by the aromas from pumpkin pie, chocolate, donuts, lavender and licorice.
  • During 1300 B.C, the triumphant Egyptian troops march home with over 13,000 sever Libyan penises.
  • ‘Penis' word comes from Latin word, ‘tail'.
  • Mostly all the penises bend a little to the right or left.
  • Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

  • A male's sexual sensation reaches his brain at a speed of 156 miles in an hour.
  • Women find penis width more vital in comparison to length for sexual stimulation.
  • A normal male orgasm lasts for 6 seconds.
  • A male's penis gets shortened due to smoking.
  • Circumcised men are less liable to pass STD's.
  • Penis is a habitat of various bacteria.
  • The sensitivity of penis decreases due to age.
  • The highest sensitivity rating or pleasure zone found in majority of males is the underside of the glans and shaft besides anus, neck, nipples and scrotum.
  • A penis that does not gain much length, when erect is called ‘shower', whereas the ones that gain length are called ‘grower'.
  • A guy, whose penis appears to be tiny, may surprisingly get bigger on erection.
  • Without regular erections the penis tissue shrinks and loses its elasticity. Consequently penis gets shortened by 1 to 2 centimeters.
  • The brain is geared with an automatic penis perpetuation operation en suite.
  • Average penis size fits effortlessly in a female's small mouth without causing much exhaustion to her jaw. On the other hand, facilitating her to suck and lick without the jeopardy of choking.
  • Men are not only physically close to their penises but they are emotionally bonded to them.
  • Penis size doe not matter but weight factor matters for many women. Fat prevents a male from penetrating a woman.
  • Women enjoy anal sex with males having average or small size penis.
  • A large penis offers an ample runaway, which allows the female to glide and massage her vagina over the penis. In this way, she can bring both to orgasm without penetrating.
  • Length proves to be most favorable in quite a few sexual pose, where the distance and deepness of the female vagina is far-reaching.

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