How To Circumvent Penis Underdevelopment?

The medical term for underdeveloped male penis is called Small Penis Syndrome. This syndrome may be the cause of incorrect prenatal development. Hormones that are required for developing sex organs in the womb can cause this syndrome.

The insufficient production of Androgen can interfere with penis development. Another cause of deformity is due to genetic abnormality and complications with pituitary gland. This condition can be treated during infancy with hormones.

Due to hormonal changes physical and biological maturation takes place during puberty. During definite stages boys develop secondary sexual characteristics. The puberty phase changes experienced by males are:

  • The primary puberty transformation is the growth of testes and scrotum. At this instant, penis does not expand.
  • As the scrotum and testes persist to swell the penis also develops.
  • Pubic hair grows similarly in boys and girls. The primary hair that grows around small genital area is soft and long.
  • As the hair continues to spread it becomes coarse and dark.
  • Eventually, the pubic hair appears like adult hair in a small area. The hair may spread up the stomach or the thighs sometimes.
  • Body size increases including feet, arms, legs, hands, swells in breasts area, change of voice, increase in sweat, development of acne and many other alterations can be experienced.
  • Penis enlarges and the adolescent male begins to experience erection, which is normal.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

Penis development can slow down due to malnutrition, health issues or underdeveloped physique. This decrease can be due to small size erectile tissues, feeble nerves and blocked veins that make penis size small.

Penis does not have muscles and is made of arteries, tissues, veins and nerves that combine together and cause an erection for sexual act. The blood circulation to this genital area is responsible for its proper growth and development. Genetics or hereditary conditions cannot be changed but other causes can be controlled and treated.

Past years scientists have declared that cycling can be the cause of impotence. So as a parent it is your duty to take care and get familiar with the issues regarding the drawback of cycling. Cycling is a good exercise. Regular exercise causes few sex issues and more sexual enjoyment. However, prolonged cycling for over 3 hours in a week with a typical bike seat may result erection impairment.

When you sit, your buttocks (sit bones) bear your weight. However, cycle saddles are very narrow and are unable to support your sit bones. Consequently, the soft tissue between anus and scrotum has to tolerate your weight.

Thus your arteries and nerves get compressed and the blood supply to the penis is hindered. This can cause a sensation of numbness in the penis. Latest studies have showed that narrow saddled bikes reduce 70 % of the flow of blood to genital region in few minutes.

Unluckily, over the time compression of arteries running through the perineum gets damaged and plaques gets deposited on artery walls narrowing them and limiting the blood pour. Cyclists or kids must learn to sit on their buttocks to protect the perineum. So buy a bicycle seat that relieves pressure from the tender areas.

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