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When a male is sexually kindled by thoughts, touch or sight then the brain reacts. Penis head is also very touchy but touching only does not trigger an erection. Brain is the epicenter. It conveys signals to the nervous system to produce nitric oxide that helps to relax the spongy muscles surrounding the arteries supplying blood to the smooth cavernous bodies.

The penile begins to swell and when the penile skin reaches its limitation the penis becomes rigid. The pressure applied by these full spongy cavernous bodies partially shuts the veins. The veins are powerless to pump out the blood out and thus the penis becomes rigid and erect.

This erection is persistent till the brains signals discontinue but are not steady either rising and declining are regarded as a normal condition even during sexual intercourse.

Erections are capable of occurring all through a male's life. Nocturnal erections take place, when the male dreams or he has a physical issue. Morning erections can take place, if the person has been awakened during a dream or just after. It can be an extremely continual erection.

Males have limited power over their erections. At the time of puberty, young males are frequently discomfited by erection in public but as time goes they are able to suppress their erections.

Health and physical fatigue can affect erection. When a person is very tired, he is able to get partial erection but still can reach orgasm. Erection is lost in two phases – the first phase is rapid leaving the penis firm to continue intimacy. The second phase is slower and gets affected by various factors including age, arousal level before orgasm.

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The average time for a healthy man to stay erect is around 30 to 45 minutes. Certainly, this duration can alter greatly with increase or decrease in time. After ejaculation the blood flow from the penis returns to normal and the penis becomes flaccid once again because it loses the created pressure.

Quality of erection depends on the intensity of the stimulation of the brain. Certain acts including kissing, petting, viewing sexy scenes or photographs have varying effects on males depending on their sexual desires and tastes.

If things do not work for males that is an inability to gain or maintain erection necessary for sexual intercourse is generally termed as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It can be rooted by physical or psychological conditions.

Studies have proved that 70% to 80% impotence cases are due to medical issues. It is very hard to decide, if ED is psychological or physiological or a merger of both.

Psychological impotence can be sudden due to recent situations. The person can have an erection during certain circumstances.

Physical ED gradually occurs persistently for more than 3 months and is not the cause of stress, alcohol, medicines or medical conditions. The help of an urologist must be taken instantly.

Physical causes of ED are blockage of the blood vessels, diabetes, HBP, Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, surgery of prostate cancer, Radiation therapy and Bladder cancer surgery. Nerve damages to spinal cord and pelvic trauma can trigger ED. Hormonal abnormalities and low testosterone levels reduce sexual interest.

To maintain sexual and overall health regular exercise, balanced diet, no smoking, limited alcohol and staying sexually active help to prevent erectile dysfunction.

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