Suggestions To Handle Both Penis Size And Width Issues

Our culture's negative aspect and obsession regarding the penis size are many. However, the real issues that are experienced by males having large dicks and their partners are frequently underestimated.

To make slot ‘A' fit in slot ‘B' can be a great effort for several but don't panic you are not alone to face this tight spot. Although, few people speak about it in fear of appearing like they are immodest.

The fact is that it is difficult to be the one having a less than an average penis or more than a normal size penis. The main reason is that the natural setting of everything for majority of us is in the middle.

The positive aspect is that there are solutions to make things work with a little guidance. First thing is to find out what is the root cause of this issue….length or thickness.

If the penis is long it may hit the cervix during penetration and cause pain. A thick penis may stretch your vagina too much and can irritate you. If it rubs the urethra, it may lead to bacterial infection.

Suggestions to deal with both the penis size and width issues are given below but primarily it is worth to size your problem in detail.

Get completely aroused

As a sexual response a female gets aroused bringing physical changes, which can help to deal with big penis. When a woman gets kindled her vagina produces a lubricant that makes her vaginal area all wet. As she gets completely aroused her vagina expands.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

If you are used to having a sexual intercourse with your partner having medium sized or small penis then you must have experienced that you can easily have penetration before getting turned on completely.

However, if your partner has a big dick then you will have to wait until you are mentally and physically aroused before moving further. You can use vibrators or extra clitoral stimulation to get your mind and body intensely aroused.

Use plenty of lubricant

Nowadays, market is full of various kinds of lube that make sex very comfortable, fun and slippery. Several women lubricate a lot naturally and do not need it. Having sexual session with someone having big ding then using plenty of lube is sensible.

You can experiment a few thick and thin lubes to decide the best one for you. If you are prone to yeast infectivity then pass up lubricants that have glycerin.

Suitable sex positions

Sex can suffer, because both are conscious about the wrong move that may trigger a pain. The best method to deal with males having large dick is to try sex positions that can allow both of you to be in charge of the angle of penetration and depth, offering maintained thrusts.

Favor positions that you can control and steer clear from positions that permit deep penetration. The solution is to experiment few positions and find the ones that work well for both of you.

Limiters for long penises

A ring of vinyl or soft rubber slides down the penis base and restricts the length entering the vagina during intimacy.

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