Be Careful While Discussing About The Penis Size

Do you feel you have a smaller penis? Do you think that your penis size is not sufficient enough to deliver the desired satisfaction level to your partner? If the answers for these questions are yes, then you need to certainly take time to discuss about your penis size. There are many evidences which show that penis size discussions have become the major contributors in relationship breakups.

Many researchers have shown that having a smaller penis makes you feel guilty and you will be always in conflict with your partner. Even though you're instinctively know that penis size matters for a satisfactory sex life, your partner tries to convince you and finally you may end up with following scenarios:

  • You may have endless penis size related discussions with her, she always tries to convince you by saying your penis is bigger than the average size of penis.
  • There may be repetitive arguments on the penis size and its effects and importance on the sexual life may end up with another argument

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If you start denying the factor of importance of your penis size for a satisfactory sex life you will only worsening the problem. By this type of arguments you could have understood the importance of size for your partner and that she is hiding the same thing from you. This kind of situations may lead to emotional instability and when you go the extremes then there may be a case where in your self esteem will be too much lowered and finally you may end up breaking the relationships.

There are many examples wherein you might have faced lots of difficulties related to penis size. E.g. you might have got confused when your girlfriend talks about the penis size for a satisfactory sex life. The confusion starts when she starts talking in two different angles. At one point she is telling you that penis size really does not matter, it's the foreplay that matters the most.

When you ask about the same thing in some other day, she may tell you that penis girth is important rather than the length of your penis. In spite of this, she begs you to push your man thing into her as deep as possible. This will really make you realize that you have a smaller penis and that you will start getting confused as what exactly she wants.

You might be very close to your girl and you might have not even talked about the penis size with her. In spite of this she might have managed with you not making you realize about your penis size. The real problem starts when sometimes she tells you that your penis size is big while in some occasions she forces you to push little more inside her.

Studies say that if you are happened to get the feedback about your penis size it's OK, but if she keeps on telling you that you have a big penis and one fine day she starts comparing it with another bigger ones then you will end up with great disappointment.

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