Different Views Regarding The Vaginal Orgasm

Sexual satisfaction differs from person to person, especially in the case of women. There have been many studies which show the various factors that affect female sexual satisfaction. Whenever the sexual satisfaction topic is discussed female orgasm is always misunderstood. There have been many facets of this topic. It is always confused and misinterpreted in many cases.

There are many people including women who falsely understood the female orgasm. That means many of them believe that female sexual satisfaction originates from the arousal of the clitoris. They always have one thing on their minds that the vaginal orgasm does not exists in this world. As a result of which they started telling that the penis size has no important role to play in female orgasm.

Since there were many researchers which worked on this topic, the main reason for this fallacy was flawed reports of three popular sex reporters.

During 1950's the child molester Alfred Kinsey along with his researchers wanted to understand what are the different parts if women's genital that are supposed to be the most sensitive towards the sexual stimulation. The research involved gentle touching of the sixteen points of about 800 women. The points mainly included clitoris, labia majora and minora, cervix and vaginal lining. During this research the experts used a tool similar to a Q-tip.

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During the publication of the research study the researchers wrongly concluded that clitoris was very much sensitive when compared to the vagina. In reality the vagina, particularly the area where G spot is located responds to deep pressure and it generally does not respond to soft touch. During the 1953 research, Kinsey declared that a woman's vagina is fairly nonexistent of nerve endings. Also made the fun of the notion “Vaginal orgasm”.

After a decade, the couple Virginia Johnson and William Masters put their efforts to the vagina forever. By referring to the Kinsley's research the couple mistakenly came to a conclusion that in the genital region, clitoral stimulation was the only source of sexual sensation.

During 1968, the popular feminist or the man hater Shere Hite came out with the famous Hite Report. In this report she exclusively wrote about importance of vagina in women's sexual satisfaction. She declared that all the sensations of sexual activities are clitoris based. With her report she clearly tried to separate men from the being identified as source of women's pleasure. She thought that bigger penis would not make any difference in delivering the satisfaction to women.

There were some kind of frustrated and highly dissatisfied housewives joined the group of feminists and started showing their disrespect towards men. They started shouting the slogans as that they never attained complete penetration alone. They said there is no such thing as vaginal orgasm. They all needed clitoris stimulation for the climax.

With the height of hatredness they started telling that anything that goes in the vagina is considered to be the feminist. From last 4 to 5 decades things have changed a lot, men started giving more importance to the penis size.

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