Penis Enlargement Surgery

In as much as many men wouldn’t admit it, the majority of them are worried about the size of their cocks. No man wants to feel inferior or small in the eyes of his fellow men, or even a sex partner. The male member is one of the areas where men tap their confidence. Men who feel adequately endowed tend to be more confident than the ones who are insecure about their penis size. Apparently, the former are more successful in their careers, businesses and even tend to score highly in their social life.

It’s therefore not surprising that a good number of men have at some point thought of doing something to change the size of their dicks. Thankfully, men have a lot of penis enlargement methods at their disposal. One of the most talked about the approach to male enhancement is the penis enlargement surgery. While it’s not always the most preferred method, it’s almost the very first approach that men research about. Men who have undergone penis enlargement evidently considered it because of the high level of effectiveness associated with it. Male enhancement surgery is the most drastic method of penis enlargement. Were it not for the high risks involved, nearly every man would opt for this method without the need to think twice.

But what is penis enlargement surgery?

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It is an operation performed by a cosmetic surgeon to increase either the penis length or girth or even both. The procedure for increasing the girth and length are approached differently. The surgeon makes an incision above the penis base to increase the length. This is usually done to release the suspensory ligaments of the penis. This, in turn, brings the penis forward and consequently making it longer externally by approximately 1-2 inches. The exact amount of penis length gains obtained from penis lengthening surgery cannot be predicted with certainty. It varies in every male because it is largely dependent on the anatomical structure of the male member, as well as the pubic area.

On the other hand, girth increase entails liposuction of the thigh and stomach areas for fat collection purposes. The collected fat is then reintroduced into the penis shaft through injection. Just like in penis lengthening, one can obtain a girth increase of between one and two inches. The fat injection to the penile shaft is a simpler procedure compared to penis lengthening surgery. Besides, incision scars are avoided and the recovery time is also quite shorter.

Your penis should appear larger whether in erect or flaccid states if you undergo penis enlargement surgery. In spite of how simple the procedure seems, it doesn’t happen without risks. Just like in any other type of operation, complications could occur- some mild, and others severe. Potential complications include numbness to the areas affected, bleeding, infection, scarring as well as haematoma or blood clotting (happens due to the collection of blood under the penile skin). In some instances, your penis may appear asymmetrical. Formation of lumps is also a common occurrence blamed on the position of the injected fat. Luckily, performing a gentle massage of the penis can resolve the problem.

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