Preparing For Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery isn’t something that we go through every other day. For most of us, it is a procedure that is conducted only when it’s really necessary. While this is irrefutable in the world of medicine, it is a different scenario in the field of penis enlargement. Men are undergoing surgery to enhance their male members. The burning desire to have a larger penis is driving men to participate in procedures that would otherwise be considered unnecessary, or extremely dangerous.

There is nothing new about it, though. Since time immemorial, men have used weird and crazy techniques to improve the size of their penises. It shouldn’t, therefore, come as a shocker, that there are men who are more than willing to go under the knife just to have bigger cocks. Are you one of them? If yes, you will find the following pre-operation tips useful.

Psychological and emotional preparations

Almost every patient experiences anxiety when about to undergo surgery. A lot of factors contribute to this stress whose level varies from one person to another. Patients are usually worried about the anaesthetic, the actual operation as well as the results. It is imperative that you remain psychological and emotionally stable before and after the surgery.

Your mental and emotional state has a significant impact on the end results of the procedure. Stress and anxiety can cause you a lot of problems. For instance, it may lead to high blood pressures or even lower the immune system. Keeping it under control will help improve the chances of having a hustle free penis enlargement surgery. While the surgeon will try to make you calm down, you need another support system. For instance, you may decide to tell one of your trusted friends, or family about the upcoming procedure. If you have a partner, she could offer unlimited support during this time. If you have decided to go ahead with the surgery, try as much as possible to remain optimistic. Doing this will go a long way in controlling possible levels of anxiety.

Physical preparations

There are a lot of things that you will be needed to do before entering the theatre- at least a few days before the actual surgery date. They include:

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  • Quit cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, at least, two weeks before the surgery

  • Do not consume aspirin or any known medications that can cause blood clotting. Avoid such medications 5 to 7 days before the surgery. However, you are encouraged to consult with your doctor before you stop taking the drugs.

  • Your diet should be well balanced. Remember to include foods rich in Vitamin C as this helps to promote healing of the tissue.

  • Regular exercise is an essential part of a successful penis enlargement surgery. The objective is to build and also maintain as much strength as possible.

  • Keep your home in order early enough. Look for someone who can offer help around the house during the time you will be recovering. If there is any furniture that needs to be moved, do it before the surgery. Keep your pantry and fridge fully stocked with the right kinds of food- especially if you haven’t found someone to help you.

  • Ask for some time off work. The last thing you want is to lose your lovely job soon after you have obtained an enlarged member.

Ignore Bombshells

It might be quite tough to ignore a beautiful and sexy bombshell, when she walks past you. However it is recommended that you remain calm and composed. If not then you might send out a message stating that you are deeply impressed by her presence, and are tempted to have sex with her. It is quite natural to be allured by someone who is exclusively sexy, especially the one wearing a short miniskirt and dark sunshades. If such a thing happens to you when you are with your partner, it would be best for you to give out the message that they don't matter much to you. You will make her feel so nice about herself that she would be wanting to jump into the bed with you, on the first given opportunity

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