Types Of Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis enlargement devices have become very popular in recent years. They are loved because of their ease of use and the absence of any chemicals – which can at times be extremely harmful. A penis pump is just one of the enlargement devices available on the market today. When choosing a device of this nature, it is imperative to understand that there are different types as well as brands. As such, utmost caution must be exercised to make sure that the right type of penis enlargement pump is purchased.

Before we look at the different types of pumps available, I find it crucial to highlight the various components or parts of a standard penis pump. Every basic penis pump should have the following parts, namely:

  • A cylinder, also known as a chamber or tubing

  • A seal at the point of insertion. It could take the form of rubber sleeve or a doughnut

  • A safety valve (safety is a critical aspect in the process of penis enlargement)

  • A pump (it provides means of letting out the air)

  • A pressure gauge, hose, and flange

  • Lubrication. However, when and if this runs out, it is upon you to invest in a good one. There is a wide variety of lubrication products on the market.

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Penis enlargement pumps can be put into different categories. Today, I wish to talk about one classification of this popular enlargement device. We will have an overview of the conventional air penis pumps and the hydro pumps.

Hydro penis pumps

This type of penis pump is making waves on the market. Instead of using air (the conventional way) hydro pump uses water as the primary source of sending blood into the penis to obtain an erection. Typically, water based penis pumps generally provide an easier way of achieving as well as maintaining an erection – compared to the air based pump. Unlike the air based pump that has a tendency of compressing the penis, hydro pump allows even distribution of the pressure.

The use of hydro pumps implements a process known as warm therapy. Typically, the pump is filled with warm water before it is placed on the penis. Users achieve this either during a shower or by sitting in a warm bath. When the penile tissue is warmed up, it stretches. Why the use of warm water? It is known to not only soothe the male member but also to improve growth of the muscles. Once the device is placed over the penis, the water is forcefully pumped out and consequently, blood flows into the penis.

Air based penis pumps

This type of penis pump is widely used in the treatment of conditions associated with penile dysfunction. Air pumps are commonly used to correct impotence. They work well by helping an individual to obtain and maintain a quality erection. They are designed in a manner that allows them to create a vacuum- when the device is worn- upon which penis is engorged with blood. Sufficient pressure subjected to the manhood results in an erection. After engaging in sexual intercourse, the tube is removed for the penis to become flaccid.

Unfortunately, the constant, as well as too much pressure placed on the male member (when using an air-based pump) could cause tissue damage. On the other hand, tissue damage may not occur with hydro penis pumps since there is no need for constant pumping. There are many brands of both hydro pumps and air based pumps on the market. When shopping for a penis pump, give it your best. Conduct as much background check on different brands as possible. A good strategy is to buy only from reputable sellers or manufacturers.

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