What Is The Average Penis Size?

The size of penis is a matter of pride for every man. Men having a bigger penis are extremely proud of their asset while the one's having a smaller one is pretty embarrassed and disturbed about it. You must be wondering on what basis is the penis termed to be long or short. Is there a particular limit or average size? The answer is yes, there is an average size of penis on the basis of which the penis is termed long or short.

After numerous results, tests and experiments it has been decided that the average size of male penis ranges between five to five and a half inches when fully erect. The length is measured when the penis is fully erect and the shaft is pointing towards the ground. The longer the penis the more pleasure you get while making love.

Along with length, girth of a penis is also very important. Girth is nothing but the width or circumference of penis. Just like the length, experiments and tests were carried out to measure the average girth of a male penis. The results show that 4.75 to 5 inches is the average girth. Girth plays an equally vital role like the length for having sex.

Women get pretty impressed by the dimensions of the penis. Present a strong and long penis to her and she will certainly make your night rock. Women desire for a thicker and longer penis as it will penetrate deeper into their vagina making them cry out loud with pleasure. Some women prefer a thicker penis while some go for the longer one.

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A survey was carried out on 50 young women asking them about their preference. The choices were a thicker penis or a longer one. To everyone's surprise, an impressive 45 women preferred a thicker penis over the longer one. They commented that a thicker penis make them go crazy and provides ultimate pleasure.

If you have a small penis which is thick, it isn't much of a cause of worry as your woman would love the thrust it exerts in her vagina. In order to get better, use some device or pills to enlarge it. A long and thick penis is the best thing you could have ever asked for. Surprise your woman with your secret weapon and make her cry with pain for the whole night.

The size of penis is a much debated topic and there have been numerous myths with regard to it. One of these myths is that the penis size alters with race. It has been rumored that Africans have longer and fuller penis compared to the Asians. Certain reports suggest that it is totally rubbish and penis size doesn't alter or depend on race. The major factor that decides the size of penis is the circulation of blood in your body.

The more blood your body circulates, the longer and stronger your penis will be. You can consult a doctor and help yourself in the cause of having a stronger and longer penis.

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