Comparing Male Penis With Gorillas And Chimpanzees

Men have an inclination towards bigger size like huge car, big muscles, beautiful and spacious house, and thick and big penis. Some men are endowed with a large jack, but others don't which makes it quite depressive. However, when it comes to the size, science displays that the best and worst part of your hereditarily shaped genitals may not be what you might have initially assumed.

Let's compare penis with the closest genetic member gorilla. Before comparing let's look at some of the facts about human penis.

Male penis versus Gorilla penis

Gorillas are alpha males, who are aggressive dominant male creatures and can battle with competing males to gain the dominance over some territory. Besides taking over the region he also takes all female gorillas.

However the fact is that even if the male gorilla has a harem, he mates only with 3 to 6 females – the ones that are fertile and capable to reproduce. After the female gives birth, there is no sexual activity between them for 3 to 4 years. This indicates that even with a harem of six females the dominant gorilla can only take part in sexual activity for a few times yearly.

A fully grown male gorilla (average 450 lbs) is basically twice his female in size meaning his penis must be enormous. However, according to human standard gorillas penis is very small – 1.25”, when erect. An orang-utan's penis when erect is 1.5”. Alternatively, average human penis measures 5” to 6”, when erect. This indicates that human penis is larger than any primate species. It also shows that those males, whose endowment fall below average are still enormous according to nature's standards.

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There is an assumption that humans have large penises because they mate and reproduce frequently. But this is not true. Instead it is the testicle sizes that are responsible and to understand it further let's compare another primate with human.

Male testicles versus Chimpanzee testicles

Chimpanzees and humans match 96% genetically, and have the same DNA. It is said that the difference between male and chimpanzee is less than a rat and mouse. An average chimp penis measures 3”, when erect. This shows that a chimp's penis is smaller than male and larger than an orang-utan and gorilla. In all primate species chimps have the largest testicles.

Average human testicles are 1.5 ounce – larger than gorilla testes, whereas a chimpanzee usually weighs 100 pounds has average testicles of 4 ounces. Thus by nature's standard chimpanzees have huge balls.

Why big balls?

Gorillas live in a harem - males live in a single pairing whereas chimpanzees live in groups of sexually fertile females and males. They mate more than any other ape species. They are sexually attached with several females daily, so they have to produce plenty of sperms rapidly. This resulted in evolving gigantic ball-sacks. Big testicles allow them to mate often and procreate more.

You may be wondering – do big balls allow more sex frequently? Chimps mate with several females, competing against their fellow males but the sexual activity only lasts for some seconds. On the other hand, a male who is suffering from ED lasts longer than a chimp.

All this displays that nature has given humans penis that allow more frequent mating than gorillas and testicles that enable sexual enjoyment for a few minutes in comparison to chimps seconds.

According to nature's standard males have enormous penis. So, if anyone questions your manhood, simply tell them that you are bigger than Gorillas and chimps.

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