Precautions To Be Taken While Practicing Penis Enlargement Exercise

When you are performing penis enlargement exercise, it is necessary to take certain precautions while lifting weights. You should not feel uncomfortable while practicing these exercises. Your comfort and safety is extremely important.

Use minimal weight initially

When you start lifting weight in order to achieve penis enlargement, it is advisable that you start using weights of 1-2lbs. This exercise should be conducted once a week and in sets of two, each set lasting for about twenty minutes. However, make sure that you take a break of ten minutes between the sets.

Slowly and steadily, try to increase the weight that you are using. 2.5 – 5 lbs are the ideal weighing amount, if you have been practicing this exercise for a few years.

Be cautious while exercising

When you are lifting up the weights, make sure that you are following the instructions provided. It is necessary to be cautious all the time, for no amount of weight hanging experience can make you prepare for the stress that you might undergo, in case of mishap.

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While lifting weights for penis enlargement make sure that, you are comfortable while lifting up the weights. However, you must immediately stop, if you feel a sharp pain in your penis and its adjoining area.

The necessity of warming up and taking a break during the exercise

Your body needs to warm up before exercise. In the similar manner, your penis also needs to warm up before exercising. The best way for warming up your penis is by using the process of “rice socks”.

The “rice socks” is an old tube socks filled with warm rice. Make sure that the heat is bearable. The next step would be putting your penis inside the sock, for ten to twenty minutes. It is recommended that you conduct this “rice socks” process before exercising. Make sure that you do not use the sock after it has cooled down.

Just as warming up before the exercising is necessary, taking a break in between the exercising session is also important. When you are taking a break between the sets, make sure that you slowly rub your penis, or smack it lightly against your thigh. This break should also be used for inspecting your penis, to check that there is no damage.

In case, you notice that the tip of your penis has turned purple or blue then discontinue the exercise immediately. The changing of color is not a good sign, as it might damage the tissues of your penis.

Take it easy

It is necessary that you take a break. This is not a competition, and you do not have to prove anything. Always remember the real reason why you started using weights on your penis. Keep reminding yourself that it was to enlarge your penis and increase the penis erection.

In the first two weeks, only the skin of the penis might stretch due to lifting weights. It would take a month before you notice any difference in the erection and length of your penis.

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