Penis Pump FAQs

What is a penis pump and how it´s being used?

A penis pump is a device for drawing blood into the penis in order to achieve an erection. It consists of a plastic cylinder that is suitable to be placed over the penis. The device can be hand pumped or battery-powered with a pump attached to the cylinder and a constriction ring, fitting around the base of erected penis. The penis pump creates a vacuum within the plastic tube.

There are three basic types of penis pumps, hand pumps, electrical pumps and shower pumps.

Why do men usually use penis pumps?

Men usually use penis pumps for two reasons. The first reason is providing help for those with erectile dysfunction and other medical conditions. The second reason for using penis pumps is a male sexual organ enlargement.

What causes the penis pump?

Penis pumping causes the expansion of the penis inner chambers due to additional blood flow within the organ what makes it an excellent exercise for enhancing a girth of the penis.

How can I measure the penis enlargement?

The best way how to measure the penis growth due to pumping is a cylinder size. A serious growth indicator is moving up in cylinder size. When you manage to fill the whole tube, it´s probably time to change the current device for a larger penis pump. This definitely indicates that your exercise is working, and the penis increases are becoming permanent.

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What kind of penis pump should I use for my erectile dysfunction?

Penis pumps constructed for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are generally referred to as vacuum erection devices (VEDs). The VEDs are designed in a way that the user slips a tight constriction ring onto the base of the cylinder. The band can be moved on the base of the penis, near the pubic bone after being inflated by the device. The constriction ring will preserve the erection by preventing the blood from leaving the penis. The vacuum erection devices are a therapeutic device and don´t work well as a penis enhancement.

What are the benefits of penis pumping routine?

The penis pumping routine has several benefits for users, whether they want to overcome the erectile dysfunction or achieve the enlargement of the penis.

Would you describe the penis pump as an efficient device?

The penis enlargement pumps are efficient; with usual procedure and proper use, the difference can be noticed quickly.

Are there any side effects regarding the penis pumps?

In case of an erectile dysfunction, penis pumps present a lesser risk than other treatments. There are no side effects whatsoever.

What about the expenses connected to penis pumps?

The costs are lower as only the initial purchase is required for enabling the erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. In case of penis enlargement routine, the cylinder needs to be substituted with a larger one.

Do penis pumps represent a potential risk to the user?

Penis pumps are completely noninvasive, as they don´t require surgeries for inserting the medication or uncomfortable injections.

How compatible are penis pumps with other treatments?

Penis pumps and other treatments are completely compatible with other medications or penis implants. In many cases, the combination of penis pumps and medical care provides the best results.


We know when you are thinking about a penis enlargement routine, you have lots of questions. Above, you’ll find answers to some of the most common. All these questions are submitted by our visitors. However, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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