A Penis Enlargement Guide Using A Penis Pump

It is impossible not to be confused when using something for the first time and more so if it is a product of penis enlargement. Luckily, we can always take advantage of the learning opportunities presented to us by life. Whether you are a complete beginner, or you have already started using your penis enlargement device, you should find this information useful. If you already know how to use a penis enlargement pump, you may pick a few safety tips.

Things to remember

  • Invest in a good quality penis enlargement pump. Note that you will always get what you pay for. Before paying for a penis pump, verify the presence of a pressure gauge. You will need it to stay safe during your pumping sessions.
  • A good lubricant goes a long way. Never forget to correctly apply lubricant on your penis before wearing a penis pump.
  • Penis warm-ups are also highly recommended during every penis pumping session. They help to adequately prepare the male member for a safe session. They are a great way of preventing or minimising possible penis injuries associated with penis pumping. You may opt for relevant penile exercises to prepare the penile tissue for the intense pumping session. Another way is to wrap your penis in a towel soaked in hot water. This might appear uncomfortable at the beginning but your penis should get accustomed to the heat in a short while.
  • A gently pumping action should be applied if you are operating the penis pump manually. Avoid aggressive penis pumping, and more so, for longer durations. Failure to practice caution may lead to the swelling or bursting of blood vessels or even blisters. In worst case scenarios, improper use of the penis pump has resulted in irreversible penile damage.
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  • Breaks taken at frequent intervals are highly recommended to prevent penis injury or at the very least, minimise the occurrence of the same. I suggest that you pump your penis for not more than 20 minutes without taking a break.
  • Be careful with the rim of the penis pump cylinder. This is something that you might not have had before. It has the potential to damage your penile ligaments. In that case, it is imperative that you only proceed to use your penis pump after reading and understanding all the instructions provided by the manufacturer/seller.
  • Patience is a critical virtue when pursuing penis enlargement via pumps. Do not be in a hurry to actualise your PE goals. This can be detrimental to your sexual health as well as your sexual life.
  • Although this has already been mentioned, I intend to repeat it as many times as I can. Don’t throw away the instructional manual that comes with the device. The materials are availed to you for good reason. Spend sufficient time reading or watching the guidelines carefully. If something isn’t comprehensible, ask for answers. Apart from reading and/or watching ensure to follow all the directions.

Careful use of male enhancement pumps is paramount to avoid possible harm. To optimise your end results, you may want to consider implementing the above tips.

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