To Get Better Erection You Must Follow A Better Menu


In today's date, most of the men are facing the problem with potency and around millions and millions of people of United Kingdom are suffering from this. This is not just any statement but it is a very true and terrifying fact which has been stated by Sexual Dysfunction Association. Some of the common causes of sexual dysfunction are cardiovascular problems, having high blood pressure, medication, diabetes, physical injury and even some psychological factors.

Some of the psychological factors that lead to sexual dysfunction are stress, depression, financial problems and lots of other reasons. Now if you are facing problem like not being able to get a hard erection on the proper occasion then you need to go for an immediate check up to your general physician. By the prescribed medications you will surely gain back your old form but in the meanwhile you can follow a great diet which will boost the medication to work faster.

Diet to make it hard and erect:

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Thus you need to start with something high protein and which will provide you with enough energy so that you can work all day and doesn't get much stressed. During this meal you need to consume the minimum cholesterol possible. Cholesterol can be very dangerous for your body because if you gain excessive of it then it might even block the arteries that allow blood to flow to your penis. As a result of which you erection gets soft and you are unable to have proper sexual intercourse.

Now for your breakfast you really need oat porridge along with some berries and ouinoa flakes. This will help you to keep your blood sugar as well as your mood stable. It contains fibre which will minimize the cholesterol level thus enhancing the blood circulation. So as to keep all in veins in great chape you need to add berries in your breakfast.


It is the most important meal of the day. At your lunch you need to eat avocado wrap and wholemeal salmon along with some tomato salsa. Avocado contains high level of vitamin E and it helps to enhance the blood flow to your manhood. Salmon is enriched with tryptophan whereas Omega contains boost mood and salsa is contains high level of lycopene. Tryptophan and lycopene are the best way to protect your prostates which are most likely to interfere with your body mechanics. They basically protect you from getting prostate cancer.


It is best to have grilled chicken along with some sunflower seed pesto, watercress, and new potatoes. Chicken is the main source f L-arginine amino acid. It helps you to relax your muscles around blood vessels thus enhancing the blood flow to have a hard and proper erection. The new potatoes and watercress are enriched with vitamin C which helps to pump more blood and supply it to the penis.

By following this diet chart you will have a full grown muscular and stronger penis erection than before.

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