Thinking Of Tattooing Your Penis – Beware Of Priapsim

Men and women both love stronger and longer erection, as then they can enjoy a blissful sexual act. However, not many are blessed with it. Erection problems can be creating a drift in the sexual life, which will then impacts their personal life. If you think that short time erection problem is the only concern that men face, then you are wrong.

Priapsim is another issue related to erections. In this case, men usually experience erection for a longer time, and sometimes it can last for 4 hours together. This usually happens when men opt to tattoo their delicate body part. At times, it becomes quite rigid and this lasts for longer time than expected.

Tattooing different parts of the body has always been a personal choice. However, it is suggested that you know the consequences of the same, especially when you choose to do in a delicate part of your body. Many patients, who made tattoo on their penis, have complained about priapism. They also experienced bleeding from the penile tissues. This might continue for some days, after the tattoo has been done.

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Tattoo done on the dorsal surface of the penis, is also called as borrow be salaamat. In Persian language it means good luck, and thus many men want to opt for it. Also there were some other letters and designs that are done on this part of the body. Such things, no doubt are fun filled, but you cannot overlook the adverse effect of the same.

As your penis is too delicate, it can also cause penile injury which can be sometimes too serious to be cured. In some cases, injuries caused in the penis are due to anus and genital organs, drug injections, and also tumors can trigger some problem. While tattooing the body, needle is inserted deep into the penis. Things are worst, when tattoo is done with handheld needles. In the traditional Iranian style, the needles are not inserted deep into the penis area.

While tattooing, multiple piercing and it depend upon the design you choose for yourself. This piercing causes fistula, which is also known as abnormal passage. It creates a problem between the deep artery and the veins, which is located in the penis. This causes excess blood flow, which enters into the penis channel. The blood gets accumulated outside the vessel wall, and remains there for a considerable time.

Seriousness of the issue:

Tattoo, is not harmful when done on the other part of the body, but you have to be very careful while doing them on your penis. Sometimes, tattooing can create permanent semi-erect issues in penis. In the usual situation, the damage caused in the fibrotic area causes Priapism and this leads to erection problem. Men in such a situation usually are not able to maintain erection for a longer time.

If the damage is not serious, then the patient can still enjoy sex. However in rare cases, men cannot enjoy sex for a considerable time or for longer time. Thus, if you are planning to have a tattoo on your penis, then it is suggested to be very careful while doing so.

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