Pamper Her With Lots Of Kisses And Foreplay

The best way to improve your sexual relationship is by including lots of foreplay into the act. If you have a smaller sized penis, then you might want to try different ways to stimulate her. Women are not at all concerned about the size of the penis, as long as men are able to satisfy them. As per s-experts, the average size of manhood post erection could range between 5 – 6 inches.

Men who have penis shorter than this size usually worry a lot about their sexual performances. If you know how to please women in bed, then you do not have to worry about the size at all. Bigger sized penis might have many advantages, but it is not the only factor, which matters when it comes to enjoying intimacy.

Size matters

More than the length, the width of the manhood also matters. Your tool can easily enter into her vagina and stimulate her sensitive parts. In addition, she does not have to worry about the pain, which is usually caused due to bigger sized penis. Instead, she will enjoy everything that your tool does to her, in there.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

Many women do not like painful penetration rather they want men to play a lot with their sensitive sexual organs. It arouses them and excites them and this is what everyone expects. It does not mean that they do not like penetration at all, but it is not the only thing that they look forth from you on bed.

Best things that you could with smaller sized penis:

Instead of spending your precious time wondering what you can do with a small tool, you can think about what best it can be used for. You can excite her by trying different sexual positions in bed. Before you try anyone of them, you can plan to spend quality time pampering and squeezing her sensitive sexual parts.

This will give her time to get aroused and will be happy to accept you. Not many men with smaller sized penis are aware of the fact that their smaller sized penis can do a lot more things than the bigger ones. You can spend more time on foreplay and once you know she is close to orgasm, you can enter your tool into her vagina.

Such a thing will ensure that she will enjoy orgasm every time you make love to her. You need to know what your partner actually prefers, in terms of foreplay. If she has shared this information with you earlier, then you will know what exactly you need to do. However, if she hasn't then you need to be smart to know it.

Pamper her with lots of kisses all over her body. Be gentle while you do so, and once you know what excites her, you can concentrate a lot on it. You might try different styles of foreplay to excite her every time you both are in bed. This will increase her sexual excitement and would love to spend quality time with you.

You can also try some dirty pillow talks, and check how she reacts to it. If she enjoys it, then you can indulge in it. However, stop it once you feel she is not comfortable with it.

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